China's unique nuclear weapon will come out?The power of explosion is 10 times, and the United States proposes an unreasonable request.

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China's unique nuclear weapon will come out?The power of explosion is 10 times, and the United States proposes an unreasonable request.

2022-01-13 12:02:29 22 ℃

China's unique nuclear weapon is about to come out? Power is larger than the atomic bomb, at least dozens of times. Foreign media analysis believes that this weapon is expected to replace atomic bombs to become the fourth-generation nuclear weapon. In this regard, the United States proposed unreasonable requirements.

All countries realize that the terrible of nuclear weapons is in the Second World War, the United States has directly killed hundreds of thousands of deaths to Japan, Nagasaki, and the two cities are directly smashed. This is the first use of nuclear weapons in the war, and the only weapon in the war. Nowadays, nuclear weapons have become a strategic deterrence means, no country dare to be easy to use.

It is worth mentioning that foreign media believes that my country has found a material discovered, it is likely to promote the fourth-generation nuclear weapon, which is "metal nitrogen". Metal nitrogen is artificially synthetic green high-profile material, and the energy density is more than 10 times that of TNT explosives. It is recognized as a "knocking brick" of the fourth-generation nuclear weapon.

As early as metal nitrogen was synthesized, there were countries that have tried to use metal hydrogen to open the door of the fourth-generation nuclear weapon. There is a large amount of energy in metal hydrogen, 30 to 40 times larger than ordinary TNT explosives, scientists believe that the birth of metal hydrogen will have many new weapons. However, the difficulty of metal hydrogen is too large, and it is very unstable, which is not conducive to large-scale production. On January 26, 2017, "Science" magazine reported that Harvard University laboratory successfully produced metal hydrogen. On February 22, the same year, the only metal hydrogen sample on this earth disappeared due to operational mistakes.

So far, nuclear weapons have experienced three technological changes. The atomic bombs used in the United States in World War II are the first generation, and the principle of nuclear fission is used. The second time is a hydrogen bomb using nuclear fusion, which is more huge and more horrible. The third generation is a heavy weapon such as electromagnetic pulse, neutron bomb. Foreign media believes that metal nitrogen is expected to replace metal hydrogen, which has promoted the fourth-generation nuclear weapon. Compared to the top three generations, the biggest feature of the fourth-generation nuclear weapon is that the power is even more huge, and it will not cause nuclear radiation. The impact will be unprecedented. At present, only China has successfully synthesized metal nitrogen in the world.

It is worth mentioning that the United States wants my country to disclose related technologies, and require my country to give up this technology to weapons. There is no doubt that the US requirements are unreasonable and absurd, and my country will never agree. Compared to research weapons, metal nitrogen is greater is benefiting mankind, such as applicable to energy fields, developing sustainable and non-polluting energy, resolving increasingly severe energy issues and global warming problems. Compared to the development of weapons, my country is more willing to benefit human beings with technology, and try their best to work hard.