China-US Russian Navy's total force: 150,000 Russian navy, US Navy 500,000, how much is China Navy?

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China-US Russian Navy's total force: 150,000 Russian navy, US Navy 500,000, how much is China Navy?

2022-01-13 18:04:55 25 ℃

Maritime military power has become increasingly becoming an important indicator of overall strength in the world. In modern war, it means that it will easily cut off the enemy's sea supply line, which greatly weakens the enemy's combat capacity. Once the power of the sea is lost, the war may have a situation in the situation, and ultimately leading to the unavoidable failure of the entire country. In modern warfare, numerous practice has proven the importance of this truth. Under such circumstances, all countries in the world have spared no effort to develop sea military strength, and try to defend the enemy outside the territory.

In this, the best development of maritime military strength is today today's world domineering. Although the United States has gradually slowed its military power globalization in recent years, the Navy remains an extremely important ring in the development layout of US military strength. In today's world, the United States has the world's most powerful naval power, and all seven fleets add up to about 500,000 military people. In addition to the huge quantity, its quality is also very proud, fifer-level nuclear driving aircraft carrier, Ohio and strategic nuclear submarine, all uncomfortable war machines. The US Navy has often organized military exercises with the surrounding countries, and even in all allies in the world, and fully highlights its tough fists.

Although the Russian Navy is still within the world's first-class race, the development of recent years is not satisfactory. Because the level of economic development in Russia is delayed, it is subject to sanctions between European countries and the United States. It has not maintained better development in recent years, and its active ship is relatively old, overall strength Naturally, it is not only a little bit of the United States. At present, only 150,000 people in the Russian Navy are in service, and the overall scale is not as good as the United States.

The military strength in my country in recent years has an explosive growth, which is also unblocked with industrial accumulation of military technology and industry accumulation with our country. In fact, the construction of the Navy has always been a very "burning money" project, and billions of research and construction prices are still in many countries. In recent years, my country has maintained high-speed growth in recent years, providing adequate ace effort to our country. In recent years, various ships in the world have been in the world, and it is also the result of the premium layout in my country as early as more than ten years ago.

Today, my country's Navy has already owned a strong naval lineup including 075 amphibious attack ship, 055 high drive and Liaoning, and Shandong No. 2 aircraft carrier, and has a comprehensive development compared to the past strength. And this development has not stagnated this, more ships are also intensified in the dock, and the research and development of high-efficient technology is also steadily advanced. Today's Navy has developed to have more than 300 containers and 240,000 strong marine power, the overall strength is second only to the United States. In addition to more and more ships, our army also focused on talents, forming their own talent training system. These young batts take the wind and waves, step by step by step, is the most precious wealth of the People's Navy.