Huge investment has played a water drift, lost to China, ordered the reasons for the US Congress

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Huge investment has played a water drift, lost to China, ordered the reasons for the US Congress

2022-01-15 06:05:48 12 ℃

As we all know, the United States is a globally recognized strong country, whether it is military or economic strength, is quite strong. Among them, the United States has a satisfactory achievement in the military field, but in the field of electromagnet, the United States is rare to plant the head, why do you say this?

In fact, as early as the Cold War, the US military has already included the electromagnetic gun plan into the R & D project and restarted the project in 2005. In order to vote, the United States has invested a lot of money, specializing in research and development of electromagnet orbjectilizers and ammunition design, but maybe the direction is not right, the US Navy has been developed for decades, and its progress is very slow, and it has never been huge. The investment also hit the water drift.

In fact, this project has attached great importance to the US Congress. After the project was forced to put, the relevant departments stopped the granting plan to the electromagnetic gun project. In this regard, the US Congress was anger, ordered to strictly investigate the failure, and the US military also requested the relevant report within 3 months.

At the same time, my country's electromagnette project research is in full swing, although the start is late, but the development schedule is very fast. According to the latest news, my country's electromagnette research has been successfully carried out, I believe how long it can't be used, you can formally launch the troops, which will greatly improve our military strength in my country.

In the face of the development of my country's electromagnet, the United States will tell the failure, naturally it is difficult to accept. Although we are currently unable to learn the final reasons for the failure of the US electromagnetic gun, it can analyze the comparison of electromagnetic gun development of the two countries, and may have some conclusions.

In fact, don't see that the United States spends a lot of funds every year to study electromagnetic guns, but due to the problem of military corruption, the fund will have some Congress members and the number of naval officers, which actually use to develop electromagnetic The gun project is still an unknown. During decades, the US electromagnetic gun project was stopped due to slow progress, and the military contractor had earned a lot of money.

It is worth noting that in addition to corruption, there is a deeper reason, which is that with the decline of the US manufacturing industry, the physical economy is constantly decreasing, and the virtual economy is increasing, such a dilemma makes the United States ride difficult. Confair to visit my country, the physical economy is still steadily advanced, and the domestic industrial system is also more perfect, but also attaches importance to talent training. Obviously, in the face of the future of future related fields, my country will take a greater advantage. For this, how do you think it?