Southern Xinjiang smashed Yue Yuli 65-type 82 mm no bunch gun: Safar's weapon map 259

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Southern Xinjiang smashed Yue Yuli 65-type 82 mm no bunch gun: Safar's weapon map 259

2022-01-15 06:05:18 12 ℃

Nanjing Institute of Technology Weapons Museum is a treasure house that is not open to the outside, there are many interesting weapons.

The propaganda information of this museum is very good: I can say that after the anti-US aid, every war has won, all the scientific research launched in this higher education in Nanjing University; can also say this, new Every major breakthrough in China's weapons science and technology, all condenses the infinite wisdom and hard work of the South University workers.

This time, please ask the handsome photographer to find all photos, Satsa takes everyone.

Southern Xinjiang smashed Yue Yuli 65-type 82 mm no bunch gun: Safar's weapon map 259

Today's protagonist, 65-type 82 mm is not a lot of arrogance.

I have seen friends from the "Wreath under the mountain", remember this gun.

In addition to the gun is an attacking tool, the famous soldier Xiaoyin is a stupid, unfortunately sacrifice.

As early as the Second World War, the powers were invented invented without sitting.

Our enemy Japan has also developed no gun, but it has not been to surrendered in a large number of production.

Here is simple to say that there is no gun concept.

From the appearance, there is no need to be very close, but there is a completely different weapons.

The core of the rocket is a rocket, and the cartridge is just a container that determines an attack orientation for the rocket.

After the rocket launches, it will continue to be pushed backwards like all rockets to ensure that the warhead hits the target.

The no gun is a gun, which launches the shell, not a rocket.

After the shell is hit, it will not have sustainable thrust as the rocket, just fly forward.

Therefore, there is no need for guns to the barrel, and the gun is quite heavy.

The rocket tube is just a steel pipe, and the weight is very light.

During the North Korean War, the PLA had equipped a US 57 mm and 75 mm without sitting without a gun.

In the 1960s, the performance of these two cannons was too late.

Since 1961, the Liberation Army has a new generation of new generation without sitting.

For the expectation of no gun, the military's difference is also large, and some require light weight, some require powerful.

The research work continued for up to 4 years, and finally completed the 1965-style 82 mm in 1965.

Strictly speaking, it does not belong to self-research, which is the foundation of the Soviet б10 82 mm without sitting.

The 65-style feature is that the weight is light and 30 kg.

Early imitation of American 75mm no gun, weighs 47 kg, universal is difficult to carry, generally need horses or Jeep transport.

The 65 style can be loaded with a single soldier, or it can be removed after the gun rack and the sight. At this time, the weight of the gun is reduced to 21.5 kg, that is, 43 pounds.

It is true, 60 pounds are also 43 pounds. It is also quite relaxed for soldiers, and it is a range that the human body can barely bear.

65-style 82 does not stand up in the performance of the gun, still nice year.

Its effective range is 1750 meters, and the direct target is also 400 meters, which can be fired in a relatively safe place.

Its power is quite, the killing blasting grenade is 4.6 kg, and the gun can destroy the enemy's strong work, even if the reinforced cement work can't stop.

When dealing with the tank, the subsequent fucking can break down the armor of 150 mm from 30 degrees.

This savings have little capabilities, still can deal with light tanks.

The 65 style is a weapon of the destroy, one of its dissatisfaction, is the problem of after the flame.

In order to achieve no sitting, the flame sprayed afterwards up to 25 meters.

When the gun is fired, the cannon tail is about 60 degrees, and the length is not 25 meters, otherwise this person may be burned.

At the same time, the elongated meniscus can not point to the wall or slope, otherwise the gunner will also be burn the fire. It seems that there is nothing in the usual training, and the actual combat is often not reached.

In particular, most of the war is in the mountainous land, the topography is rugged, many vegetation, and it is difficult to ensure that no one is 25 meters in the rear.

In many cases, the artillery did not dare to use 65-style 82 without sitting gun.

In some battles, the gunners should be dangerous to be burned, and they also have a decisive fire.

Also, the weight of the 65 style is too large.

In the battle, the gunner loaded up to 30 kilograms.

In addition, the artillery can not completely rely on the bullet, at least one of the 4.6 kg of shells.

In this way, the gunner loaded up to 35 kg, plus other equipment, with a total weight of more than 80 pounds.

Among the ghouns under the mountain, Zhao Minsheng Zeng Zeng: When the whole armed cross-country, the weight loss of the Lian Leftiller class warrior is not worth amazing, the warrior of the eight seconds, and the weight of each person is 89 pounds! They are as heavy as cattle, but they have to be like a horse, and they are desperately rushing.

Everyone wants to think about it, the weight of 89 pounds of the mountains in Vietnam is long, what is the concept.

Today's male student, there are several people who can do.

In the War, the solution is the process of the artillery class, except for 2 gunners, the remaining 4 bombers should also take turns to help the back. Relying on one or two people carrying the gun, a few days of mountain emergency troops can be exhausted.

Even so, the 6-person gun class is also very tired, and many strong warriors will be on the body.

Under the helplessness, the gun class will be expanded to 8 people later.

At the same time, Gustaw did not hold a gun, with only 16 kilograms weighing, almost half, the gap is still very obvious. Even if there are various problems, the 65 style is still the most effective infantry of the People's Liberation Army.

In the words of Xiao Beijing, 82 no-to-holder is close to the distance, powerful, one cannon, a bunker, do not use it at all.

And the other individual weapons of the infantry, 40 rockets focus on dealing with armor objectives, destroying the work capacity, and has defects above.

The 65 style has its own position, known as the heavy weapon on the shoulders of the infantry.

The People's Liberation Army has gradually mastered the experience, which is to fire after the enemy bunker.

Using this play, some artillers can reach 80% amazing hit rate, quite scary.

With the development of technology, the performance of no guns is gradually lagging, there is a technical bottleneck that cannot be parsed.

Instead, the performance of the rocket tube is flying.

At present, the 65-style 82 has no power guns to gradually eliminating from the active part, replaced by the rocket tube.

It should be noted that the 65 style in the war does have an ammunition problem in the War.

According to the military analysis, several batch shells produced in 1977 and 1978 were quite high.

It is difficult to say that the factory is a safe deposit and transportation, and the storage is the problem of factory manufacturing, and there is no accurate conclusion.