Why is the Chinese warplane headband, has a slender thorn, is it used to sprite a knife?

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Why is the Chinese warplane headband, has a slender thorn, is it used to sprite a knife?

2022-01-15 06:05:35 12 ℃

A careful friend will definitely find a slender spike on the head of my country's fighter. This span is awkward, can't see any effect. So why is the Chinese fighter head tip? Does this stab are used to sprite a knife in the air?

Vacuum tube

This role is not a barley knife, but a device for measuring various data. In fact, it is not just that this spike is on the Chinese plane. There is also this spike on the plane. Its name is a speed pipe. When the plane flew, this spike can pass the pressures of the aircraft. Thus measuring the speed of the aircraft.

The role and principle of airspeed

If we carefully observe, it will find that there will be a small mouth in the front end of the air tube. When the aircraft quickly fails, there will be a large amount of air passive squeezed into the small mouth of the front end of the air tube. The speed of the air tube can know how much the aircraft is now in the end of the aircraft. Space faster because of its own principle, it is best to put it on the front of the plane. When it is placed in the forehead, if the volume is relatively large, it will bring huge wind resistance to the aircraft, reduce the gravity of the aircraft, so the air speed can make this spike.

Knowing the speed of the aircraft is very important for pilots, because the aircraft requires a certain speed when taking off and landing. Especially landing. When the speed of the aircraft is too fast, the aircraft ran may result in loss of control, thus crash. So at least when the pilot landed, he must know the speed of the plane. For this reason, the effect of the air velocity is very obvious.

It is worth mentioning that because the modern fighter is flying high altime, the air speed must be subjected to a low temperature test. If you are joining ice and blocking the hole, it will completely fail, the pilot can't know the speed of the plane. In order to prevent this, all countries have the electric heating system to the air supply system, and it is prevented from reflying by means of a vacuum tube.

Aerial speed development

With the development of the times, the speed of the aircraft is getting faster and faster, and the aircraft will bear greater pressure in the fast flight time and space, which makes the air velocity began to be un keen. In order to solve this problem, researchers raised their long-term vents early, reducing the regions of the air velocity end of the air tube. However, too long of the vacuum not only affects the field of vision, but also affects the motor and radar performance of the fighter, so that countries have also studied L-shaped empty tubes.

The L-type space tube is no longer installed in the plane of the aircraft, but is mounted on the side of the plane. This time the air entering the air tube is turned once, and the pressure generated is greatly reduced. In this way, we saw a lot of spiked planes.

Later, after the five generations appeared, whether it is normal air velocity or the L-type space tube, it will seriously affect the stealth ability of the aircraft. So countries have begun to study a smaller L-type air speed pipe. The volume of the vented veins over the past generation machine has been neglected.