The rotation of the United States was cleaned up!The White House just released a threat, and the 7 US military teams were attacked.

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The rotation of the United States was cleaned up!The White House just released a threat, and the 7 US military teams were attacked.

2022-01-15 06:05:53 11 ℃

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Recently, US Russia's confrontation on the Ukrainian crisis continued to upgrade. In the face of the peace and goodwill of the Russian side, the reactions in the White House are in the refusal, and they will release the threats, why if Russia can't provoke, then take "Caustic" Revenue measures, this has been forced to the corner of Russia and its allies. Putin is in the first, once NATO deploys a resident army and offensive weapon in Ukraine, which means the eruption of conflicts, and Russia will not tolerate Ukraine to become a "bridgehead" of NATO's core interests.

At the same time in the United States, the Russian ally has actually active, Belarus actively responds to the division of Kazakhstan, combating the split forces supported by the United States, and the armed forces supported by Iran also frequently shot, and the US military will start at the Middle East battlefield.

According to the latest report of Iraqi Media, in the past few days, the team in Iraqi army was successively attacked, and the attackers also showed the names, all of them supported Iraqi militia armed for Iran, which marked the US Iran. The context is hot again. According to reports, the American-oriented multi-United States in Iraq is already "everyone shouting". In the face of Baghdad's "one-by-party order", the US military refuses to dismount the army, and I don't want to give up in Iraq's military existence. Recently, the US military is more Tighten within a few bases in Iraq, it is easy to go out to reduce the risk of attacks.

However, in this way, the US military still wants to send the team from other regions, which gives the Iranian militia to launch the opportunity to attack the roadside bombs on the road of the US military, and the US military team is detonated, while At the same time, the weapon was opened at the same time, and the explosion was connected. When the army called by the US military, the attack was born, which also made the US military unavailable, only armed helicopters or drones, "suspicious goals" Start retaliatory air strikes.

It is reported that Iran has once again set off a counterattack of the revenge of General Sulmanni. In addition to Iraqi, Iran and its allies act in many countries, such as Syria, Middle East, such as Syria. Since the beginning of this month, Iranian armed forces have intensive attacks in the US military in Middle Eastern countries, a large number of armed molecules use rockets, mortar guns, roadside bombs, etc. In the face of the Iranian armed offensive, the US military also responded in a wave of air strikes, but because the opponent is in the dark, the US retaliation effect is very limited.

Military experts pointed out that Iran and Russia's relationship can be described in "quasi-allies". It is reported that Tehran will soon have a huge military delegation to visit Russia. At that time, the two countries will sign a long-standing 20-year comprehensive military cooperation agreement, Iran. With the help of Russia, the existing huge Chen's old armed forces will be fully modernized.

According to sources, Iran will purchase a large number of advanced weapons including Su-35 from Russia, which will enable Iran's military power to improve. In this case, Iran is an attack on the US Target of the Middle East, and is also a strong support for Russia. It can contain some US military forces, so that it is innocently interferes with the Ukrainian crisis, reducing the military pressure facing Moscow.