I will add another country, and the ambition is bigger than Japan.

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I will add another country, and the ambition is bigger than Japan.

2022-01-15 06:05:16 52 ℃

The time in the United States is not long, but its launching war is very amazing. It is a comprehensive man in the United States for many years. The country is "relying on the winning" country, so the United States is not moving with the international situation. Of course, the United States is also rich in warfare, not only plundering a lot of wealth, but also high-end talents, which also lay a solid foundation for the rise of the United States. However, the US military set up a military base in all parts of the world, and also watched many allies, which also made the United States to sit in the world's dominant.

Vietnam suddenly changed attitude, actively investing in Western camp

Let the outside world, with the development of the times, some countries have suddenly change their attitudes by the "abuse" "abuse", forget the injury and relying on the United States, willing to be a US "younger brother", the pro-camp added another country, this country is Vietnam. It is important to know that the United States and Vietnam have tried fiercely in 20 years, but now the relationship between the two countries is getting closer, the outside world is called "brothers", and it is really a big change. Huawei, especially the change in Vietnamese attitude, let people be embarrassed.

There were previous media reports that Vietnam plans from the US procurement trainer, and Vietnam's first initiative proposes from the United States to buy military aircraft. More than the outside world is that Vietnam also throws olive branches to the United States. It is planned to use the Jinlan Bay to use the US military. It is self-evident to the importance of Vietnam. Once they rented it to the US military, the danger is extremely dangerous.

The ambition is still bigger than Japan, even wants to score the whole world.

For Vietnam's move, Russian experts said that they must be guarded. It is reported that Vietnam took the initiative to purchase weapons and equipment to Russia, but was rejected by Russia. In other countries, Vietnam's national wall grass poured with wind, and there must be no more contacts for the state of the position swing. In fact, the outside world believes that Vietnam wants to grow up, but close to the United States is not a wise move, Vietnam should understand the truth of "I will be easy to send", the United States will not stand in the ally, think about the problem, one heart considering Your own interests.

In addition, some people think that Vietnam's ambition is more than Japan, and those familiar with history know that after Vietnam completed the strategy of unified three countries, the detailed expansion plan has developed a detailed expansion plan. In this plan, Vietnam will be considered the first goal. I also want to attack the rest of the Southeast Asian countries, and even occupy the native of the United States. In the layout of the whole world, it is, so the outside world seems to be alert to the countries, or be careful.