On January 13, the United States asked China to receive viral traceability; Japan was exposed to Near Nansha Islands

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On January 13, the United States asked China to receive viral traceability; Japan was exposed to Near Nansha Islands

2022-01-15 06:05:06 23 ℃

According to the reason, new crown virus traceability should be carried out globally, rather than regarding China as a focus, and has always revolved around China. Because China is not the first country that burst out of the epidemic, many countries have an epidemic time than China, and there is sufficient evidence. However, after the first round, the United States wanted to open the second round.

Recently, the United States is brewing a Wala, according to US media reports, 16 sen sergers in the United States jointly promoted this bill, claiming that if China does not accept viral traceability, the United States will sanctions to China. Inside the bill, China requested China to open Wuhan laboratory within 90 days, and the bill also requested to suspend the Sino-US scientific research projects and called on the Biden government to stop allocation.

These 16 senators are rid of the face, including Rubio, which must be reversed, Rubio launched analog bill last year, just because they did not receive sufficient support, failed to pass in Congress. This outside world is still not optimistic about the bill, because the United States is now busy with the anti-vloising, the country is in the mud, and the epidemic crisis is just a urgency.

Of course, the anti-China now has become a consensus of American politics, and does not rule out the US "Dog Jumping Wall". The United States is thousands of people who want to trace the origin, not to find out the origins of viruses, but to the rushing water. As long as China accepts traceability, regardless of the results of the survey, they can hold the handle and then take the opportunity to deduct the virus originating hat, they will not accept Chinese innocence.

At the beginning of the WHO for the first time, the Chinese side tried to cooperate to meet their survey requirements, and finally the WHO proved the Chinese innocent. But the United States has been attacking Wuhan laboratory from beginning to end, claiming that China is "not transparent". Later, the United States began to attack WHO, accused the expert group "sheltered China", not equit of fairness.

Therefore, regardless of the Chinese, US officials will be dirty to the Hua, and the origin of the United States is just an excuse. The real purpose of the United States is to make black China and reach the purpose of recurring. In fact, the suspect in the United States is the greatest, and the United States has many biological laboratories, which have happened viral leaks, while the US government has been covering, there may not be a secret.

But in the US hegemony, WHO may hardly play a role, in fact, the United States has always rejected WHO survey requirements and once again increased the suspects of the United States. If you want to enter a US investigation, you only use international public opinion to press it, and all countries have issued generals to the United States. Now China's influence has reached, and it is possible to call on other countries.

The most important or continuously improve your strength, otherwise it will only be considered to be bullied by those Western countries. What is the dirty water in the United States can't, we are not afraid of shadows, need to be guarded, those provocations in the reality. The United States has been engaged in freely in the past two years. Last year, the warship opened to the South China Sea and caused the emulation of other countries, including Chinese neighbors.

According to Japan's "Selling News", last year, Japan's maritime self-defense team has built into the South China Sea many times, and it has near the sea area near Nansha Islands, but has not been entered China's territory. During the previous Japanese Prime Minister Tian Wendiong and the Australian Prime Minister meeting, the Philippines had been supported, requiring the implementation of the so-called "Nanhai Arbitration case", accusing the Chinese violations of the United Nations Ocean Convention.

This shows that Japan's gaze is no longer limited to Diaoyu Islands, but it wants to divide a cup in the South China Sea. As a country outside the country, Japan has no relationship with the South China Sea. It is even more eligible to say three four, "Nanhai Arbitration case" without any legal effect, China has not participated, and it is never promised to have a result, how to speculate in Japan, Change this fact.

In Diaoyu Islands, China Sea Police increases cruise. Every time, it will be coming to normalization. Under the championship of China, the Japanese fishing boat also converges a lot, but the Japanese government can't let go of the Diaoyu Islands of my country, and Japan is free to sail in the South China Sea. It may be to express the dissatisfaction with China, "protest" China Sea Police cruises Diaoyu Islands.

But Japan can only protest, it is really facing the People's Self-defense Army, the Japanese Self-Defense Team may not take up inexpensive, this is also the cause of Japanese frigate does not dare to enter China. However, free navigation is not a patented in Japan. Last year, the Sino-Russian Navy opened the warship to Japan, declared freedom of navigation, and cured his people with his people.