Why will Zheng Yuan turn to attitudes?Gu Father, the first time she saved, but she was for the home country.

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Why will Zheng Yuan turn to attitudes?Gu Father, the first time she saved, but she was for the home country.

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It seems that I am too young, why is Zheng Yuan turn to the attitude, it should be dark line, and the father of Gu Yichi is actually very powerful, but he first shot helps a wild in the country.

In the previous places, Zheng Yuan gave me the impression too profound, but in the plot last night, he suddenly changed, which made people look and look like it. In fact, it is not the next thing.

First, why does it take into a business?

First, disappointed. Yellow squad leads, there is no notarization treatment above. Go to Chen Dashan to let me know how the consequences are known;

Second, confused. Chen Dashan is a mountain in the army and reform, for more than ten years, to the pressure of the wild, make it difficult to take care of the wild;

Third, it is estimated that he is tired! Is there any strength? When the soldiers are the life of the wild, the soldiers for the motherland and the people, but the reality is cruel, and the wild is an idealist history, but the reality is ultimate. Contradictions!

Second, why will Zheng Yuan turn to the attitude?

Zheng Yuan does not like to take care of the wild, this is the same, Chen Dashan is the same. This time, Chen Dashan Sashimoni, the army, the bribery, etc.

Chen Dashan made a handling treatment in the wild, but it was a transmissive report, so this is why Li Shaohao will tear off the reasons for the report of the country, and here Li Shanting also said a word: "put it Your soldiers are walking, just let me go, this is the squad of the crime. "Description Gu wild wild is not willing to leave, it can stay. In addition, take care of the wild, it is also a huge loss of the army.

However, Chen Dashan has made suspension treated in the wild, but the back is forced to leave. Here Chen Dashan used the method of paid Lu ordinary, and finally Lu Pingfan was squeezed. This is also one of the main reasons for the submission of the transformation report, but it is not the next Lu Pingfan.

Why is the last transdermation is Chen Dashan, not a wild? This is also the main reason for Zhengyuan attitude.

Chen Dashan is Zheng Yuan's believer, and the feelings between them don't say more. This can be seen in Episode 35. Jiang said that because of the departure of Chen Dashan, Zheng Yuan has secretly crying, and he has never seen Zheng Yichao. Description Zheng Yuan will protect yourself.

Here is someone in question? Zheng as the military commander, the official is also big, this matter can not let Chen Dayama go to walk, just deal with the public, the military gifted Huang Shi, and then gives Chen Dashan one place, things are finished. And Chen Dashan also said that this is the top leader, there is no hand of Chen Dashan, so Zheng Yuan is completely untrustworthy, unless the head of the above is not, this time has a higher level.

And this should also be the reason for Zheng's main transformation, Zheng has pressure, this is also unable to stay, but in the end he is still a short, Chen Dashan transmissions is actually the best choice, but also the best result, otherwise I have to finish.

This can be seen from Zhengyuan and Chen Daxings, especially this sentence: "You want to put the whole nation's modern war, the most deeper battalion?" This sentence may not come from Zheng Yuan's mouth, but from the qualitative from the top, it is just that Zheng Yuan is inoperable to hear Chen Dashan.

This sentence, Zheng Subai Word: "Who are you sin?"

However, at this time, a big thing has happened abroad, that is, the Yugoslav Embassy is bombed, and I will knock my army, and this makes a lot of peace, and it's awake! The war is actually very close to us. So the 234th teacher is so obvious, because of accepting bribes, to drive away the modern war, study the most in-depth market length, this matter is the old man.

Moreover, like a new military talent such as a wild, you can do intellectual supported base cadres, there is an irreplaceable value, obviously the fundamental! The battlefield does not win, everything is equal to zero. The existence of Gu Yichi is a key figure in the future development direction of 234 teachers. If you take care of the wild, it is huge losses, affecting huge! Maybe after the Yugoslav Embassy is blown, Zheng's blood is also inspired! At this time, what should I do if I can't fight? So in the end, Zheng had to weigh the pros and cons, the trial, and to endure the love.

It feels more exciting.

Third, the father of Gu Yichi is a very cattle

Hu Yang is promised to give high surgery. The only condition is to save yourself, and look at the wild to see his father. At this time, the research topics of the call were revoked, what topic! Research the topic of the cold war, political direction, this is the ordinary teacher to study? Moreover, it has also been studied for decades.

Gu Dad is sad because of studying for decades, he has paid his heart, just like his child, and suddenly, it is not willing to see, the subject is withdrawn because of the environmental peace of the time Domestic development of the economy, singing and dancing, but the external conditions are not so friendly, the high-rise has made a mistake, thinking that the cold war is over, but it is not, then the Yugoslav Embassy is fried, awake everyone.

Here people say that there is no implementation of civilians, there is no influence, but also can't help but Dad can't even have your own career, it is not. There have been no charming real identities in the play, only gave a vague concept, and the famous professor of the army. However, Gu Dad has played a lot of light every time, and even the grades of the drama have been tall. It is from at least 35 years. The absolute peach plum is full of the world, the influence is huge. He encourages them in language, guiding the wild, rather than using their own influence and power to help the wild, just Gu Dad is unwilling. The research topic was revoked, and even Guheng did not want to help himself. He was only because he was a person who obey the overall situation. He could meet the times, the idea exceeded, and there was a very high pattern and big concept.

In addition, there is a little, he doesn't have to help the country, but also because he has confidence in his son, he believes in the abilities and potential. He said that it is the best work in this life.

Does Gu father have more cattle?

When I went home to help my father to organize my book, I said that I want to prepare myself to transfer, and now he changed his mind. If you want to transfer to the Academy to do the assistant, you can see that I don't make it simple.

And Gu Hi also said that he considers himself. He respects all the decisions of the wild, it is estimated that he is also uncomfortable, he will not be so difficult.


1. White wolf exercises may be that Gu Yan specializes in the training of the design of the wild, the purpose is to pull out the weakness of the wilderness. Since then, the white wolf exercise has also become one of the top military talent selection projects of the army.

2, Gu Yichi is actually a red three generations, and the family of the family. The name of Gu Yichi is very interesting, the first field of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, referred to as "a wild", so the name of Gu Yichi seems to be very commemorable, Gu Father did not go through the battlefield, then the grandfather of Gu Yichi may It has a deep origin to the first field of field.

And in that era, with the level of the knowledge of the father, the research on the military strategy can indicate that the grandfather of the wild is also a military officer who has read the book in that year, and in that era, it is possible to go to the military academy, contact military theory. The family is absolutely not simple. Non-rich, expensive, family children.

Therefore, the true identity of the field, the red three generations did not ran.

And Zheng Yuan may know that the father of Gu Yichi is a debut, but he should not know the reality of Gu Jia's real, and two people in Song's construction and Chen Dashan so much. If you know the background of the wild, you may never treat it like this In the wild, Lu Pan is really a pity, the first meeting, I said that I am very distressed with him, I am very similar, and I also explain that Gu Yichi can go to today's position, all rely on himself Did not rely on anyone, he is unquestionable!

3. Gufef may be one of the highest brains of the army, mainly for the truly core leaders of the army.

Gu Father, the first time she saved, but she was for the home country.

When I went home, I took a thing, I happened, that is, it is a thing of the TV to play the frying of the Yugoslav Embassy. At this time, the empress is excited, saying such a word: "Gu Yichi, the motherland and the people When you need you, you must stick to your position, you remember it, as long as you don't want to go, no one can let you leave the troops; as long as you don't accept, no one can defeat you. "The responsibility of the soldiers, Let Gu Father anger to stop the army from leaving the army.

In front of you, I want to call the college. Gu Father said that he would consider it, explain any decision of him to respect and support. However, no one knows more about the wild, no one is more clear than Guheng, and the wild is a military genius. It is a commander. It is a kind of thought and pattern superior, enough to be a military The brain, coordinating the overall person. At this time, the Yugoslav Embassy exploded, it is possible to trigger a war at any time. If he lets you leave the army at this time, it is irresponsible for the country.

Therefore, I can't leave the army in the field, and it is absolutely not to leave.

Contact these, why the high-level will be questioned with that matter. Although Gu Father did not have a well suppression, he always believed in the wild, passing the news above, letting this matter is still very easy. Gu Father's first game is for the country to be a home country, making people movement.

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