Persistent Chinese people don't eat meat!After the German media, I got a big game: food self-sufficient irritation

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Persistent Chinese people don't eat meat!After the German media, I got a big game: food self-sufficient irritation

2022-01-15 12:02:36 7 ℃

According to the Russian media report, the German media advised China not to eat meat, recently, but also did not eat meat during the premium attendant attending the Winter Olympics, saying that China's meat has meat. The German media constantly specifies these problems behind the next big game. China has always kept food self-sufficient, and has not left the space to attack the middle of the middle, angered the West.

Environmental protection reduces carbon emissions itself is a good thing, but the starting point of Western countries is not for environmental protection, but to limit the development of other countries. Last year, German media speculation, the Chinese people should not eat meat or eat less meat, the reason is that the meat will increase carbon emissions, and there are 14 billion people in the middle. If the annual meat consumption has increased a lot, carbon emissions will be further increased. In addition to painting, the Chinese people should not eat meat, the Western media has also been speculated, and the athletes participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, do not eat meat, because China's meat products contain meat. The media also lists so-called evidence, as well as reports issued by a third-party testing agency. However, in fact, this testing institution has no detection permissions, often through other ways, often makes some jokes.

Western media constantly speculation, always around the rice bowl of the Chinese people. From the statistics, the animal protein intake of Chinese people is not high, and the meat intake has a relatively large gap in Western countries. Vegetables, pasta intake exceeds the meat. On the contrary, Western countries such as Europe is very high, far exceeding the average of the Chinese side. Western countries have hopes that the Chinese people don't eat meat or eat less meat. In fact, I don't want to live better in the Chinese people. Reasonable intake of meat, supplementing proteins is beneficial for health, why can't the Chinese people eat meat. If it is for the so-called environmental protection, why does the people in Western countries do not stop eating meat?

In recent years, Western countries have always speculated on the problem of eating in Chinese people. Before the media hype, China has a large amount of food, resulting in a significant increase in international food prices. According to reports, China hoarded wheat and rice and other foods, enough to eat more than a year, and more than one-third of the world. Whether it is meat or a grain, China is working hard to do self-sufficiency, which may be an important reason for the West Frequently specified in the West. Food security is very important, especially those with 14 billion people in China. If the Chinese can't solve the food problem in our own, it is possible to rely on Western countries, and Western countries have attacks and even control the handles of the Chinese side. However, China has always attached great importance to food security, and they did not have space at all. Constant hype food issues, just want the Chinese to give up the policy of food self-sufficiency.

Western media advised Chinese people to eat less meat or don't eat meat, then the Chinese people should eat more meat. Western media often hangs environmental and reduced carbon emissions in the mouth, but there are not many countries that truly act to control carbon emissions. China has not propaganda, but is active to reduce carbon emissions. China's food supply safety has always been a big event, no matter when food supply can rely on foreign supplies, Western countries do not want to attack China in this field.