China equipment fire South Asia!India is rushing to the feet, and it is rare to admit that you can't take it.

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China equipment fire South Asia!India is rushing to the feet, and it is rare to admit that you can't take it.

2022-01-15 12:02:11 7 ℃

According to the global network news, local time on January 12th, Zhong Yan held the Sino-Indian 14 rounds of long-term talks in the middle side of the Mortd Meeting point, some experts believe that the overall atmosphere before this talk is good, talks It is worth looking forward to. But the outside world did not expect that some of the stress of China's threats was "China Threat" in the case of the efforts of China and India.

It is reported that because China Enterprises are deepening with Malaysia and Indonesia companies, including weapons positioning radar, social media management system and comprehensive tactical intelligence system promotion, etc. It will undoubtedly touch India's "glass heart" in India and the normally cooperation between China and Enterprises.

To this end, the stress of the styles of the Chinese defense equipment has been increasing in Southeast Asia, including more competitive prices, maintenance and technology transfer, not interfering with policy, as well as to provide restrictions like Western countries such as the United States. Wait, this has a challenge and threat to India, and the print must "take action." Meta, secretary-general of the Secretary-General of the International Reduction Committee of India, also said that India must strengthen the link between academic, industrial and start-up companies to address the so-called "challenges from China".

Meta claims that compared to China, the Indian defense department is very backward in size, speed, consistency and content. In order to change this, the Indian government must strengthen the contact between the defense department and the academic in the next five years. Develop advanced national defense technology incubation units to promote the development of "manufacturing" in India. Whether the imagination of the dynasty is successful, and the print is regarded as "false imaginary enemy" and is similar to the Western consistent method.

In addition, when India was held in the Minister of Defense and France, India, Singer, Singer, has submitted a informal document to France, requiring France to guarantee that sensitive weapons system is not sold to Pakistan, and then the print will "black pot" "Potted China, shameless black," Pakistan may transfer sensitive technology to China, so the EU must implement military-sales ban on Palestin. " This accusation is completely unfounded.

Finally, China has been clearly explicitly stated that the current situation in China's border is generally stable, and China and India will maintain dialogue communication through diplomatic and military channels. I hope that India can move in China to China. Chemical control phase.