Decisively give China 86 tons of gifts, the importance is not asy, the United States is useless

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Decisively give China 86 tons of gifts, the importance is not asy, the United States is useless

2022-01-15 12:02:24 9 ℃

Is the importance of nothing? Directly ignore the US technology blockade, decisively send 86 tons of gifts in China, helping my country's breakthrough technology. What is this big ceremony?

As the most powerful country in the world, the United States is in a leadership in the fields of military, economy, and technology. In order to let yourself grow up to the world's first throne, avoid other countries to be supernouncers, the United States often sets technical barriers in high-tech fields, and technically blocking the country that does not belong to the same camp, trying to delay the speed of the rise of other countries. It is worth mentioning that there is a country that has a precious gift for China, and directly helps my country's solutions, this country is Spain.

In the past, Spain directly sent a gift: high-end precision machining machine, its importance is even less than lightning machine. It is understood that Spain does not care about the US technology blockade, and the trade agreement has been reached in an important technique and provides my country's Fox60 Longmen Processing Center produced by Nikrac Crea Group, Spain.

The FOX60 Longmen Processing Center is a real heavyweight equipment with a weight of 80 tons, equivalent to 20 elephants. Spain In order to make this device successfully arrived in China, 10 standard containers were used to transport parts, and all parts came to China. The process of assembly is not confidential. My expert team can intuitively understand the structure of this equipment, and draw a lot of experience.

High-end precision machining machine tools can be widely used in a variety of areas that require high precision machining, such as aviation industries, aircraft landing gear, engine, blade, and titanium alloy, aluminum alloy structural parts. There is also a considerable role in the energy field, building a wind turbine, and nuclear power plants are inseparable. Spain's Fox60 Longmen Processing Center, which is 1.47 million euros and China, directly helped my country to break through technical restrictions in the relevant fields, and obtained a lot of technology, accumulating relevant experience.

CNC machining machines are referred to as "industry bus", which is related to economic construction and strategic development of a country, is a symbol of a national comprehensive strength. With the development of industrial modernization, the demand for machine tools is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for machine tools also tend to highly, integrate, intelligent. Second, another important technical trend of machine tool development is functional integration, the functionality of multiple machines can be achieved, which is concentrated on a machine, which not only speeds up the production speed, but also adapts to market demand faster. With the help of Spain, my country has a better understanding of the international high-end CNC machine tool to help bring closer to our national and world advanced levels and develop more advanced CNC machine tools.