French jailbreak Wang Pasca Pesca, Successful jailbreak 3 times, three times, use helicopters, break the world jailbreak record

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French jailbreak Wang Pasca Pesca, Successful jailbreak 3 times, three times, use helicopters, break the world jailbreak record

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(Said a woman in history - 1787)

Looking at the history of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign countries, the examples of jailbreak can be described as countless, but the measures taken by jailbrokers, or the tools that are substantially monk, they are more traditional, some chisel, some digging the road, or over the wall, etc. However, borrowing an air advantage to use the helicopter 3 successful jailbreaks, this kind of criminal to say is the world's first, breaking the record of the world's jailbreak.

Prison, generally is a hyperior manner, is an exaggerated metaphor, that is a place where only fly is difficult. Therefore, since ancient times, it is extremely hidden way, chiseling the wall, digging the road, almost no one dares to take more public, the big man's way to jailbreak, let alone the helicopter so big guy, look It was so eye-catching and shook. However, there is always some people who are willing to challenge, such as Helicopter jailbreak.

It is said that he heases jailbreak, the owner is not a pioneer, but it is the best criminal of this unique jailbreak. Here, there is a need to cross the first criminal in the history of the helicopter.

This criminal called Xiaokaplan. He made a business with a friend, but as the saying goes, the partnership business is not good, and the two are not bad, but the dryness has triggered contradiction. Finally, this small Kaplan took a friend who kills him with his partnership. Murder, no matter what the reason is, it is a heavy crime, so Xiaokapland is arrested to be imprisoned, detained a prison outside Mexico City, prison name is Santamartha Acatiila.

This prison, the conditions are very poor, especially the life is very bad, which makes the small Kaplan super uncomfortable. According to the saying, killing people, no punch, squatting prison, this little Kaplan is not satisfied, so, there is a thought of jailbreak.

Xiaokaprans began planning, let a buddy helped a helicopter, then set the time and place, and finally, in the square of the prison, he stunned in the prison guard, and Xiaokaplan closed the helicopter and escaped. Not only that, when he is escaped, there is a prisoner. More than a few minutes before and after, clean and spoof, not to drag the water, full of enthusiasm.

The jailbreak is sensational with the world, and there is a legendary story, especially for the future, French jailbreak.

This French jailbreak is called Pasca Pee, born in French Marseille. This person does not work, it is a professional criminal, in his professional criminal record, what is the crime, such as killing, robbery, and so on. To put it bluntly, it is a full big bad egg.

In 1997, Pasca Pespe thoughtfully did a ticket, robbing the truck, ready-made car. However, there is a guardian car that has a fire gun, it is not so easy to play this idea. However, this Pasca Seli can eat Xiong Leopard, and I have to take risks to this money.

To this end, he is also prepared, especially in a very fierce weapon: Russian AK-47 automatic assault rifle. Good guys, this is obviously the scene of making things.

After stepping on, he began action. As a result, when robbing the truck, he was encountered by the guard against the guard. One of the guards rebellious, Pasca Sel was madly shoted 14 guns at the police, and the guard was fierce.

After robbing the truck, after killing the car guard, it caused a huge sensation, and the police began to arrest actions. Pasca Pepee began to hide the escape life in Tibet, but the law network rebelled without leaking, and the sin can easily escape. The result was less than a year. In 1998, Pasca Pee was arrested and imprisoned, detained in the Waiting prison in Rhone, Rhone, France, called Lune prison.

However, such a criminal of a crime, was put into prison, can he stay in the old man? That is naturally not. In fact, since I stepped into prisons, he didn't want to be in this way in this way.

He thinks, only one thing: that is, before being officially convicted, hurry to leave here.

But prisons are not free, let you want to come, I want to go.

However, Pasca Peli is not there being discouraged.

When writing this article, the author can't help but think of a problem, that is, the endurance and willpower of the criminal, and their jailbreak spirit. In fact, prison is a very harsh environment, and jailbreak is almost essentially impossible, but these criminals will challenge this unrealistic difficulties with super willpower. Some have failed. Some failed ! However, this kind of jailbreak is particularly amazing. If these criminals, in the right thing, that is, in our social morality, it is so strict, so they are likely to have a very great value for society, not criminals.

(According to sociologists, the investigation of crimists found that many criminals have genius IQ, but they always change their life because some very inconspicuous experiences and encounters, such as childhood shadows, families and society. Some misleading effects, etc.)

"Jailbreak" stills

The words are normal, and then this Pasca Sel, because of the Justice of France, there is a very stringent and long procedure, causing the robbery and murder of the Pasca Pesca and the murder. This has left a sufficient time for Pasca Peli and engaged in his jailbank. Time to go to 2001, because of worrying about judicial sin, it is likely to be established soon, Pasca Pespe decided to escape in advance. So, the plan is accelerated.

In prisons, Pasca Pee has also developed a jailbreak, and then they should be prepared from the outside.

However, due to time urgent, the wall is not too late. In addition, in fact, for the criminals of Pasca Sel, which shot through the whole day, they are not getting used to the jailbreak of the wall, they like more happiness.

So, in their planning, there have been more exciting ways. How to jailbreak? It is a helicopter using a helicopter in 1971. However, the helicopter is not anyone else. So what do you do? Pasca Pelie is the same outside, simply hijacking a. This style is really unable to accept.

However, no matter what, they actually succeeded. Pasca Pee is like Mexican criminals in 1971, and also pulled a prisoner, and he flied away from the prison.

However, this time Pasca Pesca is not going well. As mentioned earlier, he wants to jailbreak soon, because of time is urgent, there have been many problems. In particular, what should I do after esculating out, they are a mess. As a result, the French police made full pursuit, Pasca Pee was only free for 6 days, and they were caught back in the seventh day.

According to the next processing, from the perspective of economics, the jailbreak of Pasca Pesca, is a bit discovered - because of 6 days of freedom, leading to 7 years.

Pasca Pye himself may be relatively depressed, but failure did not let him die, two years later, in July 2005, he again planned to prison again. The reason why the prisoner is similar to the last time, the judicial customs have established (robbery and murder's crime final determination), and sentenced him 30 years imprisonment. Pasca Seli was in advance, and he took the helicopter to jailbreak, but this time was talented to the prison this time.

However, the Pasca Pepe, who returned to the prison thought of 30 years of sentence, and immediately filled the fighting spirit of jailbreak - the reason for Pasca Pee, I am afraid that there is no more exciting than planning jailbreak more stimulating more in prison. . Therefore, as before two, it is not the end of the prison.

This time, Pasca Pee learned the first two experience and lessons, after a more thoughtful plan and arrangement. By July 14, 2017, his third jailbreak is staged!

At this time, Pasca Sel was held in Glas prison, which was located in the French Provence Alps, which belongs to France's well-defense, and most of the majority of imprisonment. Therefore, the prison guards are surprising, surveillance the Tower Lin Li and the guards of the guards.

But the Tao high is one foot high, and Pasca Pesca is really difficult. His situation in prison is naturally in the heart, so it is an extremely rigorous arrangement. He has a total of 4 people outside in prison. They first hijacked a helicopter in Lille Airport, then carry out some disguise, then use the gun on the back of the helicopter driver, according to the agreed time, put the helicopter in prison gap The land on the top of the prison - so, there is such a scene:

On July 14, the weather is very sunny, and Glas prison is all normal.

The time of prisoners let go, suddenly a helicopter flew over and stopped in the top of the prison.

The prison guard saw this helicopter, but the prison guard thought that the superior monitoring staff came to prison to check the work ride. However, they did not receive the relevant notice, so they were very puzzled.

At this time, the prisoners who let go, suddenly ran in the top, a riots.

The prison guard immediately realized that it was not bad: someone wants to jailbreak.

The prison police reported to the prison long reported immediately.

However, in this gap, the jailbreak Dawang Pasca Pesca Pescad has been chaotic, running to the top, jumps up to meet his helicopter. The helicopter starts takeoff.

The prison sentinel immediately shot toward the helicopter, but the four colors of the helicopter to meet all the monochron, immediately open the firepower. In this way, the two sides are shot in each other, and the helicopters fly far.

The prison long listening to Pasca Pasca, and the helicopter was jams, very angry, said such a sentence:

"···································································································································. "

In the anger of the prison, Pasca Pelie's accomplices have come to a small town in Toulon's northeast direction at 7:30 on the evening of the day, called Brignor. Here, after the plane fell, Pasca Pelie and the accomplices took the plane, they bundled the hijacked pilot and did not hurt him, and then escaped.

But at this moment, the French police have long been a surprise lion, and they have been dispatched and fully searched. In the face of the police, Pasca Pespe and the accomplices feel pressure. There is a problem with survival. I don't dare to go out to buy, I have to hungry and the police around the arrest. At this point, Pasca Pelie and the accomplices believe that the best way is now fled from France.

So where are you going? They finally chose Spain.

But the road to escape Spain is not so easy. They are moving in the police's championship, all the way to the border line, in a small town near the border line, these 5 escapes are really hungry, plus the secret It was found that there was a police in the town, and he took risks to the small town supermarket procurement, and the result was discovered by a mid-ambushed police. 5 people, except Pasca Pesca, the remaining four colors were all arrested.

Pasca Pespe, a look at the four brothers are all arrested, and they can also save them to save them. For today, only to quickly escape, otherwise they are also caught, then this jail is great.

After the police grabbed 4 robots, the fighting spirit increased, and she was in the sky, and I felt that Pasca Pesca Pesca was in front of him. However, Pasca Pescad has taken a more embarrassing way, in addition to the depressed dress, I also have a consolidation. The whole passage of Pasca Pesca, suddenly increased, all the way, did not find it, escaped from France, came to Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The French police are deeply shameful and immediately issued an international wanted.

After more than two months old, Pasca Peer was found by a Spanish police in Matano, Barcelona, ​​Spain, and arrested.

This time, the jailbreak of Pasca Pee is completely ended. However, after three helicopters jailbreak, he has become a legendary figure in prison prisoners. The prison in prison sent him a nickname, not called the prison king, and called the prison king!