The dominant status is no longer, "the American era" is coming.

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The dominant status is no longer, "the American era" is coming.

2022-01-15 12:02:18 7 ℃

Author: Zhangqiao

Source: Chinese Wisdom

Suspected, Kazakhstan riots and Russian conflicts are showing that Washington's role in the world is growing, and the monopole is over. Whether it is the oriental or Western, whether it is the United States's allies or countries that are recognized as an opponent, it is time to prepare for "the American era".

The impact of the United States is getting weaker and weak

The domestic riots and results of Kazakhstan, Central Asian countries have shown that regional powers need to recalculate the influence of influence in international affairs. When the President Todayev requested to send troops, Russia's "Collective Security Treaty Organization" (CSTO, referred to as "Ji'an Organization") decision-making quickly, act decisively, and sent troops and weapons to assist Kazakhstan police and troops to raise riots. , Achieved remarkable results. This time, Russia's appeal inside the Ji'an Organization has a lot of influence and even international influence. On the contrary, the influence of the United States is weakened.

The riots in Kazakhstan showed the characteristics of external forces, and foreign participation made this conflict more complex, and even "color revolution" shadow, and the US supported NGO (NGO) dominated this riot . The outside world is generally believed that the disposition of the entire event is Russia and the United States behind the sunset. Russia is the biggest winner, and there are a lot of positives in the United States.

After the event, Kazakhstan's multi-diplomatic policy is likely to turn more to Russia, while the United States, the EU and Turkey may lose influence. The United States obviously be unsatisfactory to conflict, claims that "Peace Protestant" speaking, questioning the legitimacy of Ji'an to invigorate Kazakhstan, and accused Russia attempt to re-impact the country. US political circles are clearly not expected to participate in the participation of Ji'an Organization, US Secretary of State Burlin requested clarification of why Kazakhstan, "I feel that it is necessary to help this Russian dominant organization." It is well known that the United States and the European Union avoid establishing diplomatic relations and cooperation with gathering organizations or other institutions, including Russia to deprive these institutions. However, the monopole era has already returned to the United States, and the situation of the United States-dominated Western monopoly safety has ended. With the strengthening of the intensive organization, Kazakhstan's precedent may have a broader impact on the Soviet space.

In order to maintain its hegemonic position, the United States divides the world opponents and rely on allies. But this strategy has brought not stable to the world, such as the recent Russian-Ukrainian confrontation, which is caused by the US-oriented NATO Corporation, NATO's main source of conflict.

We now live in an era that is about to end in a United States, and its security is losing credibility. When the United States cannot fulfill safety protection as promising, countries or regions that are supported and encouraged will be forced to find a long-lasting solution with opponents, rather than struggling under the protection of fragile Washington.

The commitment of the United States is no longer important

In August 2021, the US military evacuated Afghanistan, which in October 2001, The Afghan War of Afghanistan lasted for 20 years. In fact, the United States has hesitated for a long time to determine to leave Afghanistan, and the result is to leave a fluff in Afghanistan, which also leads to the US reputation crisis. The US ally will no longer establish diplomatic policies on the United States to implement security assumptions, they will have to pursue independent foreign policies and compromise with opponents. The power of the United States will continue to decline, because it is declining the influence of the allies and the opponent's ability to fight against the opponent.

If Ukraine does not have sufficient confidence, I believe that the United States will protect them, then they can't stand their feet as the US frontline in Russia, which forces Ukraine to seek reconciliations in Ukraine, and Ukraine will have to comply with the "Minsk Peace Agreement". (Minsk Peace Agreement), this is one of the basic requirements of Russia in this conflict.

The United States seeks the failure of regime in Syria, causing the Arab and Turkey to gradually move towards the Damascus and establish a practical peaceful situation. The US and Iran have achieved agreement, as well as the result of unable to determine the conflict of Yemen, which also motivate Saudi Arabia and Tehran to rebuild diplomatic relations, and paveled the road to improve bilateral relations and negotiations on the bilateral relations and ending Yemen War.

The European Union is also accepting the consequences of US decline. In May 2017, the German Prime Minister Merkel claimed: "We can completely rely on the era of others, it has passed ... I can only say: Our European really must master our destiny in his own hands. "January 3, 2022 French presidential election candidate, Zuo Wing Party" France Unbowed "Party preceding - Luke Mei Yan Xiong said in an interview with French media, France should withdraw from NATO, participate in the promotion In the efforts of the "Ease" international situation, not to follow the United States, launched a new cold war with China and Russia. He believes that France should use Russia as partners rather than opponents. He accused that the West breaks the commitment of NATO does not have eastward expansion, so that NATO is in the deadlock currently with Moscow. According to the German "Picture" report, German New Prime Minister Olaf Walts also said that hopes to open a new page with Russia, and will be regarded as a top priority for foreign affairs as a diplomatic relationship. The main practice of the European Union is "strategic autonomy", or more straightforward expressions as "departure from the US autonomy". Without Washington, the European Union cannot build a European eliminating Russia eloquently against Russia, which will eventually agree with Russia, which is actually delayed after the end of the Cold War too long, and the EU and Russia The cooperation agreement will lay the foundation for new pan-European security.

European security system collapsed

With the disintegration of the Soviet Union, US hegemony and safety is solved, Americans no longer need to make European non-militaryization to ensure peace, EU countries can do anything that is going to do, and the United States has little objection. Therefore, the collective defense of the Soviet Union is replaced by the collective hegemony of the country who follows the United States.

After the end of the Cold War, Western countries initially signed several pan-European security agreements, including the 1990 "New Europe Paris for A New Europe," Budapest Memorandum "in 1994 and 1994 Established "European Safety and Cooperation Organization" (OSCE), etc., is committed to "Indivisible Security" as the center principle, "does not sacrifice other countries to strengthen their own safety". However, with the expansion of NATO, the Pan European security agreement has become meaningless.

All of these pan-European security agreements have been violated by the pursuit of "hegemony peace", and the West insisted that NATO should monopolize the safety, and the language also transforms from "indivisible safety" into expanded the "freedom". The United States is such a typical capital country, it has repeatedly demonstrated that it is willing to sacrifice his partner as the price, and it has also begun to abolish other pan-European security agreements, such as the 1997 NATO - Russian Basic Act (Nato-Russia Founding ACT), 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, 1987 "Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, INF), and other agreements that may limit Americans, even International law in line with the Charter of the United Nations will also be marginalized according to the concept of "rule-based international order" concept.

The United States tries to use threats and final pass to let Russia accept the NATO command, but Russia will not yield. Russia is deploying more and more advanced weapons and rapidly reducing economic, technologies, and financial dependence of the West by strengthening economic links with oriental. The United States, Ukraine and Poland destroys the natural gas project of North Creek 2 (Nord Stream 2) will also lead to decline in the competitiveness of European industries because cheap Russian natural gas flows to Asia.

Although it is reluctant, Western countries have to accept the end of hegemony and unilateralism, and the necessity of restoring the panocular security agreements. As NATO expanded to Ukraine, Russia faced a threat of survival, but today, Russia has already balanced the economic and military means of balanced unilateralism. The Kremlin seems to be in the American era after . How long does it take to start doing the same preparation in other parts of the world?