After the completion of the peacekeeping task, the Russian army was withdrawn, and the Burlin is still in 3 days ago: Please give it difficult to send God.

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After the completion of the peacekeeping task, the Russian army was withdrawn, and the Burlin is still in 3 days ago: Please give it difficult to send God.

2022-01-15 18:06:20 9 ℃

After the "unchanged coup" in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the Russian army should go to peacekeeping, in this, I have always hoped that the military power in Central Asia is always in the country, but the United States refused to be in the region is very unhappy, on the one hand, How is the Russian army so easily entered Central Asia? On the other hand, Harbin is helpful to help Russia, why not ask for the "World Police" USA? So, US Secretary of State Blowhin is a little sour, began in the language "attack" Russian party, but did not expect that three days ago, he was still awkward, "Please give it difficult to send God", but once in the eyes, the Russian army completed After the peacekeeping task, withdraw it. In the face of the international community, the United States was played.

According to the "reference news" on January 14th, with the situation in the country, the Russian army has basically completed the peacekeeping tasks in the country. At present, the revocation of the army, the first batch of Russian military, It has taken 4 of the Ir-76 transport plane on the 13th, returning to the original station. The Russian Defense Minister Shaoi also said that all Russian military peacekeeping forces will "completely evacuate" Kazakhstan on the 19th.

From the current situation, it should be invited by the Government of the Kazakhstan. The Russian army has been dispatched to the riots. Its action can be described as "revivement", and the withdrawal is not "dragging water".

The Russian army is undoubtedly a hopping of the western part of the country, because it is in 3 days ago, US Secretary of State Burlin is still chanting, Kazakhstan invites the Russian army to enter the territory is wrong, will be "please Dead ", but with the" Ula "sound of the tshemum, the Russian army began to formally evacuate Kazakhstan, which is undoubtedly the best way to catch the United States" wipe ".

Not only that, including many international netizens, including Chinese netizens, have opened "ridicule models" for the United States. Some people say how the United States is very difficult to leave "this matter" so familiar "? Chen Weihua, the President of the China Daily, the EU Branch, said very much, let the US military left the country "Not difficult", Afghan "only" spent 20 years, and the US military in Japan, South Korea stayed more than 70 years, let them Leaving back to China, is "too easy".

Obviously, the United States and the US military were the "invitations of God to send the gods" in Bincin, and the Russia were not such a thing. So why is the United States to dissert Russia? The reason is very simple, one, Kazakhstan has riots, very likely to have a black hand behind it, and the United States is of course not willing to see the Russian army.

Second, the United States has always been self-evident "World Police", but Kazakhstan actually does not invite the US military, and the first time I think of Russia, this makes the United States very uncomfortable, and I have requested Kazakhstan to respond to this matter. Attitude is very impressed, Kazakhstan does not dare to die in the United States. After the domestic is calm, Harbin President Zakayev requires Russian and "Ji'an Organization" peacekeeping forces to evacuate as soon as possible, as soon as possible, there is a face of the United States. But even so, the United States is still very unsatisfactory, so displaced Russia, which is also quite vocablished on the Kazakhstan government.

Three, the United States does not want the Russian army to establish authority in Central Asia, and does not want the Soviet soul to re-resurrect. Brinken said that Putin absolutely wants to "rebuild the Soviet Union", and the United States cannot tolerate this. The Russian army assists in Kazakhstan's set of rebellions. In fact, it is a sign of the Soviet "resurrection". The facts also prove that as long as Russia is willing, as long as Central Asia does not disgust, at least not to make a fierce resistance, Russia recombined Central Asia Regions, "Resurrection Soviet Union" is not a heaven. Therefore, the United States will be very sensitive to the Russian army into Kazakhstan, and take advantage of the ability to cultivate it. However, it should be pointed out that the netizens of all countries in China and Russia, the eyes are still snow, who is the global troublesome, who is the country who is invading the country, everyone can see a clear.