This battleship beauty carrier is hiding!400 missiles are launched at any time, with over 24,000 tons of drainage

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This battleship beauty carrier is hiding!400 missiles are launched at any time, with over 24,000 tons of drainage

2022-01-15 18:07:07 16 ℃

Although the Soviet Union once competes with the United States, in the R & D in the aircraft carrier, the Soviet technology is not very mature, mainly because the Soviet Union starts late in the field, in this context, the Soviet Union has built a unique way The nuclear power heavy cruiser of bisquis bisquis, in addition to the fighter, the remaining performance is not better than the US. The reason why the aircraft carrier can form a war, that is, because of the equipment carrier, in the sea battle, the Soviet Union is not a US opponent. Now, over time, the cruiser has basically quits the historical stage.

Despite this, this cruiser is still concerned by the outside world, and even some countries have retained a part of the cruiser. For example, the United States's Tempto plus cruiser is still an important commander of the Nimit aircraft carrier formation. It is very important. But it is worth noting that the most regarded is another cruiser. It is reported that in the 1960s, the Soviet Union developed a Kiyrov-level nuclear power fighting cruiser, and the total number of ships was built, but only one Peter Day cruiser is still in service, and the other three have exited. active duty.

It is reported that the original Ni Luoff cruiser is the original Nyrobok, which is the last Kirlov grade nuclear cruise ship, started from 1986, only 50% of the Soviet Union, and then inherited by Russia, renamed Peter's Emperor officially served in April 1998, joined the Russian Northern Fleet, on tonnage, the full-load drainage volume of Peter Great Cruiser is as high as 24,000 tons, which is the world's largest nonailerous mother fighting ship. With the advancement of technology, various destroyers and frigates appeared in the international, several nuclear power cruisers in the United States retired, but Peter's Day cruiser did not retire, directly became the world's only nuclear power cruiser.

More importantly, the Peter Day Cruiser is the strongest firepower, the most abundant sea battleship, which is able to load more than 400 national missiles, even known as a weapon of moving at sea. Peter Great Number Cruiser has 20 SS-N-19 supersonic anti-ship missiles, 96 ship-loaded S-300 air defense missiles, 128 short-range air defense missiles, 40 SA-N-4 air defense missiles, 48 ​​SA -N-11 air defense missile, multiple SS-N-15 remote anti-submarine missiles. In addition, it is also equipped with a double 30mm gun, and each divided speed is 4500. It can also be equipped with 3 card-27 "snails" anti-submarine helicopters, 2 533mm torpedo launchers, 3 rocket dark emitters, etc.

In general, although Russia is not very advanced in the development of the aircraft carrier, this Peter's Great Cruiser will cause threats to the United States. Once the firepower is blown, the aircraft carrier can not hold. That is to say, even if the US aircraft carrier does not dare to be close, it can only be away.