The whole process of revealing the volunteer army across the ducks, why not, according to the military committee intention

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The whole process of revealing the volunteer army across the ducks, why not, according to the military committee intention

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Korean War 07 丨 Peng President Bing

Last time, we said that the Central Military Commission appointed Peng Dehuai and after the Chinese People's Volunteers and Political Committee, Peng Chairman, Chairman Mao, rushed to the Shenyang Volunteers Command to Night. The accompanying is a young military officer, the year is about 20 years old, thin and high, round face, thick eyebrows, very vice, is the chief of Chairman Mao Shore.

Mao Song Ying Nai Mao's ex-wife Yang Kaihui is born, Chairman Mao is a lifetime, there is no time to take care of his wife and children, and Mao Song Ying Yang Kaihui grew up, and Yang Kaihui is in a prison. When Yang Kaihui was killed by the Kuomintang, only 8 years old, with the brother, shore, shore dragon, and stranding, also considered people suffering. Later, the Communist Party of China was trying to find, sent to the Soviet Union, admitted to the Soviet military and political universities, graduated from the Soviet Lieutenant Renaissance, Ren Soviet Red Army tank even Party representative, participated in the Second World War Soviet Army, and committed Eastern Europe Countries. After the Second World War, returned to China to participate in the War of Liberation. After the founding of New China, he went to the Beijing Machine Factory, and he was a deputy secretary of the party.

Because of the explosion of the North Korean War, China is about to send troops, and asked Chairman Mao, I would like to visit the battle. Chairman Mao is pleased to take, and the Mao Song Ying will pay Peng Dehuai, with the volunteers. Peng Dehuai has a hair of Mao'an, just lethal

Tour loneliness.

Peng Dehuai does not eat tobacco and alcohol, there is no other hobby, there is no one on weekdays, just like a chess, but the chess is not very high. There is nothing in the journey, inviting the shorepower. The two are on the small table of the window, put the chess game, you caught the gun, and then kill, then say some gossip side.

Shore British asked: "The old, our army fights, defend the country, the tangs, how to play the volunteer banner, do not say that the Liberation Army?"

Peng Dehuai hitting: "This is confidential, how can I tell you?"

The shore is not in, seizing the chessboard: "The old pool doesn't say, this chess is not."

Peng Dehuai helpless, only to choose the way: "Our army is in the name of the Liberation Army, it is the official participation in the country, but also to publish a war book, so it is a comprehensive war, the United States is bound to comprehensively war rules, expand the war to my country, blockade my country's coast, bombing our country, and even dispatched troops in my country. "

Also: "If you participate in the name of the volunteers, it is much flexible. Not only can I avoid trouble, but also can refund, so that the scale is limited."

On the shore, I thought, I was aware of it, and I saw: "I understand."

It will start and continue to play. An old one less, so on the side of the chess, I don't think that I have arrived in Shenyang.

Mao Songying

After the train, the car was welcomed and sent everyone to the Communist Command.

The police commander, a part of the police, is composed of the principal of the Northeast Frontier Defense Army, except Peng Dehuai, Deng Hua, Hong Xuezhi, and Han Dynasty Chu San will serve as the deputy commander, the solution is the staff, Du Ping is director of the Political Department. .

Deng Hua, Zun, Hunan, Qi County, born in 1910, Join the Communist Party of China in 1927, served as the Political Committee of the Red Army Police Committee, the Eighth Route Army Political Committee, and the War of the War of the Army, the fourth army of the 14th Corps.

Hong Xiaozhi, the ancestral home of Anhui Jinzhai, born in 1913, in 1929, participated in Shangnan Uprising, served as Director of the Red Army Military, the Secretary of the New Fourth Army, the War of Liberation, Ren Fourth Field Army, 43rd, the 15th commander chief of staff.

South Korea is Hubei Hong'an people, also in 1913, in 1930, he served as the Communist Party of China. 13 Paraser Deputy commander.

Liaoning, Liaoning, studying in Japan, proficient in English, and Zhang Xueliang. Work for a long time in the army.

Du Ping Jiangxi Wanban, born in 1908, in 1930, he served as the Red Army, Ren Hongjun Military Political Commissions, Eighth Route Journey Deputy Political Commissions, and Director of the Fourth Field Army 13 Corps.

In addition to the above five people, Peng Dehuai appointed Mao'an British Translation for the Ministry of Command and the Secretary.

Peng Dehuai went to the Shenyang Volunteer Command, and convened the public to discuss the military convention deployment. At that time, at the time of the commander, in addition to the commanders, the four military commander of the volunteers, and the 38th Army Military Military Military General Liang Xingchun, the political commissar Liu Xixing; 39 military commander Wu Xinquan, the political commissar Xu Binzhou; 40 military force Changwen Yucheng, political commissar Yuan Baiping; 42 Army Military Military Military Military Military Military Military Military, the political commissar Zhou Wei.

People in charge of the Northeast Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, also a meeting.

Peng is in the front line of North Korea

At the beginning of the meeting, first, Deng Hua, deputy commander of the Volunteers, and Peng Dehuai.

Afterwards, according to the procedure, hosted by Gao Post. Gao Post is a little explanation, saying that the North Korean is a major decision of the central government. There have been different opinions when the Central Political Bureau has begun to study, and it is said that he has also opposed from the soldiers. Today, most comrades agree to send troops. They are both the central government has made the final decision. Unified actions to win.

In addition to the finger Peng Dehuai, the centralized plan of the Central Committee is to be willing to be willing, the Division of the Congress, but Lin Gong is infected, and this is the worship. Afterwards, Peng Dehuai praised him, how to direct the first wilderness army, transfer to Northern Shaanxi, five battles and five days, and can solicize the class.

After the high post, everyone applauded Peng General to speaking.

Peng Dehuai did not resign: "You are the four wild famous, transfer to the north and south, military Gonghe, four wild in the War of Liberation, three Jiangnan four security rivers, attack Jinzhou, Zeng Tianjin, the north Ping, also south of the South Guangdong I have always been the main force of our army. "" This rate of volunteers, the first army of the volunteer army abroad, will be able to win! "

Then, the words were transferred, and the introduction to the military team, in addition to the 13 military divisions of the 13th Army, 3 divisions of the artillery, 300,000 people, and the Song Dynasty, the 9th Corps of the Song Song, followed. In addition to the Song Dynasty, the central government has made the 3rd, 19th, and 20th A total of 3 soldiers, but also ready to be prepared immediately. It is necessary to invest in the battlefield at any time.

The people will be young and excuse.

Peng also said that although he did not commanded four wild, it was willing to win the expedition to win the expedition.

Said to return to the seat, the applause is thunderous.

After that, Gao Qi and others left, Peng Dehuai discussed the military situation.

First introduce the military situation first by the volunteers. The solution is a long-term staffing work, and in the northeast month, the military in the Northeast is as good as a guide. At the time, he got one at the time. He faced the military map solution: "United Nations Army and the South Korean army, from September 30, crossing three eight After the line, divide the two-way committed, the West Line enemy, from the United States to command, and the 8th group army belong to the first cavalry teacher, 2nd, 24th, 25th infantry division, South Korea No. 2 Army 1, No. 6, 7, 8th and British army 27th brightest person, there are more than 20 million people, and are currently in the opening city, Shari, Pyongyang axis, has occupied the flat. "

"East Line enemy is commanded by Almond, the 10th Army of the United States, the first division of the Navy Marine Corps, the 19th division of the infantry, the third division, South Korea, the first army, the capital teacher, a total of 5 More than 1 million people, divide the sea two roads, along the East Coast Northward, and the West an enemy. Nowadays, the enemy of the East Road has occupied Yuanshan. "

"Preliminary judgment, the enemy intention is to enter the two ways, to the middle and dynasty border ducks, and make people."

After the introduction of the enemy, the solution is back to introduce the deployment of the volunteers.

The Your Dry Dry Trunte, the 13th Army, the 38th Army, the 39th Army, the 40th Army, the 42nd Army, a total of 4 army, and 3 gunmen, has been in the middle of the border, Liaoyang, Anshan, Haicheng , Anton and other places hidden standby. Another infantry, the 50th Army, the 66th Army, 6 teachers, is driving to the northeast, and the sequence of the 13th Corps, the whole team can come!


Peng Dehuai saw the secret road when the military report was concerned, and this solution did not look at the age, but the head is clear, only three words, the military is introduced to a clear, and it is only the talent.

When the report was completed, Peng sudden suddenly remembered Beijing, Chairman Mao had instructions. In the insurance, the first batch of volunteers, the first batch of Volunteers, limited to 6 divisions, to explore the US military, and keep it. Situation. In the two-phase contact, there is something in the box, and the single knife is directly said: "When I am in Beijing, the Chairman has instructions, let us cross the 6th division of the river, in the Qingchuan Jiangyi, Dichuan, Ningyuan Road Between South, Pingyang, Yuanshan Railway, building a defense line, blocking the enemy offense, covering the collection of the Korean People's Army, and then makes it. "

Then the front is turned, "Is this deployment properly in the sectors of the staff?"

Dechuan, Ningyuan, Qingchuanjiang is in North Korea, about 150 kilometers from Duck River, from Pyongyang, Yuanshan, China.

Solution to see if Peng Dehuai asked whether the Chairman Mao's fire indicated whether it was properly, looked at Deng Hua, Han Xiu, Hong Xue Zhiju, see everyone has encouraged color, so he really reported: "The old pair raised the problem, we actually make A discussion. "

Peng Dehuai asked: "How do you discuss it?"

The solving: "The enemy's two-way army has 400,000, there are thousands of tanks, aircraft, excellent equipment. According to our army, the military officers stationed in North Korea, the US military attaches importance to the rear supply of the People's Army Line. In each big battle, the rear railway road in the People's Army is blown up. Therefore, we judge that the battle will open, the US military must dispatch the bomber, blow up the duck green river bridge, block my post, I will take 6 teachers In case, it is difficult to support it. It is not as good as it is not, it is not done, and the fourth army will fight all the Jiang! "" "This is a force and the US military will fight. Bronkel, can also form a heavy military group, independent combat, not afraid of the US military. "

Peng Dehuai is a pupil, secretly, and asked Deng Hua, and Han Xi Chu.

Deng, Han and others agree to solve the views. Peng Chu Di's mind, said, "According to this, the 38, 39, 40, 42 army and 3 gunsman, together, together to the North Korea, and then order the 50th, 66th army followed up, No mistakes are implemented! "

The public will be called well, but there is doubts: "What should I do if Chairman Mao?"

Peng Dehuo said: "The President has always been from 谏 谏 流, I will report to the Military Commission immediately."

Cross the Duck Green River

Subsequently, the Volunteers sold the two roads to the river. The left routed by Wu Ruolin, Liang Xingchu led, from the Ducks of the mountains and rivers, the rivers, the right road, and Wu Xinquan led, from the Duck Green River, Shandou Fukou, Yangjiang, 3 gunmen Insert the left and right roads, and the River will pass.

Also ordered the entire army to start in the early 19th, the 24th night must pass all over the night, and each department will immediately conceal the enemy immediately. In the Qingzhou River, Yunshan, Miaoxiangshan, Ningyuan, Yao De Key points to occupy the position, prepare Enemy work. After the people will lead, they are going back to prepare. Peng Dehuai suddenly got up from the seat, once again emphasized: "The soldiers will pay attention to the enemy, the enemy is unpredictable. If you can keep my military secret, I will win half of the way. Therefore, the River is close to the enemy, and it is important to carry out at night, and may not expose the whereabouts before the war. "

The public will be unnuity, and the troops will be returned.

Peng Shuhuai carefully thinks a while, put the pen and discriminate, report to Chairman Mao to the river program, explain why the whole team has a river, and then pays the Mao Shore to Beijing.


At this time, McArthur is in the Tokyo Competence and is distressed to enter the speed of slow and ask the staff: "What is the progress of the East and West Line Forces?"

Staff I knew McArh, but only had to answer: "The West Line is slow, because the Jin Jianjun is pursued, relying on the risk of mountain and rivers, the segment is difficult. The Korean army is not strong, the US military is limited by Washington, can not be posted The first line. "" East Line 10th Military Forces due to traffic congestion, can't go to the port board in time. "

Mike Arthuron, quite unhappy, tangible smoking pipe to ignite, use the right corner, carry your hands in the indoor, after changing the smoke, come to the homework sand table, down the command: "Command War LEVITER 24th, the first cavalry teacher, replaced the second army of South Korea, served as the main attack army, to attack the sandy courtyard, limited to Pyongyang in front of 19th. "

"The command of Almond 10th Nikji Dendeng, winning Yuanshan, 19th."

After the words, I turned back to see that the staff did not move the chicken, and he was angry: "Why don't you do?"

The staff of the staff said: "The joint meeting of Washington Chief of Washington has a ban, and the three-eighth line northward, does not allow the US military to fight!"

Mike Alhea defended: "Chief of the Chief of Staff, I know what? What? North Korea Communist military remnants, the resistance is strong than expected, the Korean army is not hit, the US military does not put it into the first line," He Day can enter the ducks, unified North Korea The whole territory?"

"Will be outside, the mandar is not affected, Washington does not need to manage him, I have a good way."

Riding a teacher

After receiving the command, the US military commander Walker received the spirit, summoned 1 division teacher Gai, so that the regular office, replaced the Korean army, and strive to the Sandy Hospital, then in the road to the North, in 10 Pingyang is captured in 19th.

The first division of the US cavalry said that it is a cavalry teacher, in fact, it is mechanized division. The teacher was established in the United States, and it was the oldest troops in the US military. The whole teacher is approximately 19,000 people, and there are 155 grenaders, 54 grenaders, 160 mortar guns, 120 wings, 154 tanks, 35 armored vehicles, 3,718 military vehicles, is the US military ace force.

Riding a teacher Chang Gai Yi received the order of the maintenance force of the South Korea, and immediately went back to the troops and deployed overnight. It takes a total of more than 100 bomber air force troops, a total of more than 100 bombers, and rumble, and bombarded the arratitive position.

The air strikes have just stopped, so that the whole division can be raised, let more than 100 tanks into the battle team, pounce toward the people's army, start, while shooting, with the firepower to bombard the people's army residual firepower, the brigade The infantry followed.

The people's military will have a long time. In again, the commander, commanding the official material, but only has to take the initiative to evacuate.

Only one day, Shari was captured by the US military first cavalry.

The Shari Institute is vaporized, and the portal of Pyongyang opened. The 1st cavalry division of Gaiitada has risen, every time, as usual, the cannon bombard, cannon, tank, tank. The infantry follows the tank charge. Within the few days, we will win more than a dozen arms. Then re-deploy, three-sided city, first make hundreds of bombing machines, bombing Pyongyang as ruins, shooting, tank charge, infantry follow-up, then 1 group of paratroopers, in Pingyang City North Air drop, The army is returned.

After a day, Pyongyang captured the US military.

At this time, the North Korean War is already critical, how will Peng General led the US military who commanded MacArthur after the soldier? How will the first battle of anti-US aid chartes? Please see the next period.