Saddam has hundreds of fighters, why don't you bring to the US?Today, I understand his high

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Saddam has hundreds of fighters, why don't you bring to the US?Today, I understand his high

2022-01-15 18:06:31 10 ℃

Saddam is the highest leader in Iraq and the focus of attention at the time. During its ruling period, Iraq has vigorously developed military strength, introducing many advanced weapons and equipment, established a million army, in the Middle East, and there is a weighted momentum, and even some people boast Iraq is the world's fifth largest military power.

However, the United States is excused to have a large-scale killing weapon in Iraq, in 2003, I launched a war, eventually overthrew Saddam's regime. Many people are very interested in this Iraq war that is called to defeat the defeat, and also confused that Iraq clearly had a strong air force and hundred fighters. Why didn't it use to counter the US military? Nowadays, everyone understands Saddam's high.

Saddam's ambition

Saddam ruled Iraq for 24 years, and he made full use of oil advantages to develop the Iraqi economy during the period, which greatly improved the quality of life of the Iraqi people. It is the miserable situation of Iraq's people's livelihood, and the people 's livelihood is quite good at that time, it can be called rich, almost a developed country in the Middle East.

But Saddam is clearly can't recognize himself after the release, he is no longer satisfied with the use of the oil industry to make money, but to expand out, weigh the Middle East, improve Iraq's international influence and status. Under the guidance of this idea, Saddam is crazy to expand military. According to relevant statistics, Saddam ruled more than 1.2 million troops, with more than 700 kinds of advanced fighters, most of which were imported from the Soviet, France.

In addition to no nuclear weapons, Iraq is very good at the time. In addition, Iraq has also built a famous Republic Guard. This is also an elite army of more than 100,000 people. The combat power is absolutely not to be underestimated. Nowadays, the US military has a total of more than one million people. It is conceivable that Iraq's military power is very shocked in the Middle East of the small country, and even known as the top five military power in the world, caught the jealous of neighboring countries.

After the strong army has, Saddam is actively expanding, and I have launched the War of invading Kuwait and War of Iran. In fact, these two war did not bring much substantive benefits to Iraq, but caused the general concern and worries of the international community, especially the invasion of Kuwait, causing the condemnation of many countries, showing off the force, and attempting to dominate the actions Saddam finally burys the root.

US launches Iraq war

The 911 terrorist attacks in the United States in 2003 vibrated globally. At the United Nations General Assembly, the US Government proposed to suspect that Iraq under the leadership of Saddam had large-scale anti-injury weapons, in order to engage in the Iraq war for excuses.

In the Iraq war, in front of the United States, Iraq almost unsuitable, and it was hard. The US military almost unspeak the cost-bombing, completely crushed the Iraqi army in military science and technology, and even the Iraqi army did not see the US soldiers have been eliminated by the US military. Saddam was captured and was hanged. Since then, the US military occupied Iraq for a long time for about seven years. Iraq who has been prosperous is falling as a human purgatory.

Why do Saddam do not use their air force?

It is impossible to understand that Saddam clearly established a strong air force composed of seven hundred advanced fighters, why didn't I see Iraqi Air Force to fight against the coalition? Even if you can't win, it is not so completely unable to fail.

After investigation and analysis of experts scholars, Saddam's self-knowledge cannot be wins, so it deliberately burially this adopted fighter, and the map will reserve hope in the future. Unfortunately, people are not as good as the day, Saddam can't escape this robbery, but I have to admire his high.