In 1979, the Battle of Johnson, why is Xu Shiyou burned in anger?Ordered: forgive me to stay

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In 1979, the Battle of Johnson, why is Xu Shiyou burned in anger?Ordered: forgive me to stay

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Forgive Mountain is an important province in northern Vietnam. It is extremely important to my country's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is extremely important in the geographical position. It is the "Friendship of Friendship" in the Sino-Vietnamese border. -Hanoi.

Forgive me

Such important geographic locations have also determined that forgive Mountains are extremely important in the counter-fighting war. In this war, the commander of the Guangzhou Military Region of the East Line Battlefield, Xu Shi Shiyou once launched the army. Shouting: "I launched the general attack in the early morning, I don't want to see the house in this forgive me!"

I believe that everyone will be very confused by the commander of a military region, so what is the reason why this general is so angry? I believe that when you understand the specific reason, it will be more angry than Xu Shi!

Vietnam turns face does not recognize people

Ho Chi Minh

At the end of the Second World War, Vietnam's Father "Ho Chi Minh" announced that Vietnam is independent, and on September 2, 1945, it officially announced the establishment of "Vietnam Democratic Republic", the capital is located in "Hanoi".

At the same time, it is intended to expel the so-called Vietnamese "Emperor" and the French colonists of Vietnamese people.

At the end of April 1949, the South of the South has set up Vietnamese, and the capital is often called South Yue, and the capital is located in Ho Chi Minh City.

French colonists in Vietnam

At that time, the international community was scheduled to hold Vietnam in 1956, but because the election failed to hold, the situation of the North-South division of the rules, both parties announced independence, and the armed conflict has developed into a Vietnam War.

From 1975, the Vietnamese was unified to be a short and quiet.

In the decades, China has never interrupted aid for Vietnam, mainly involving weapons and equipment, logistics replenishment, transportation facilities.

There is data showing that from 1950 to 1975, my country's aid to Vietnam has become at least $ 2 billion, but even if we treat our "revolutionary comrades" in the heart, we are still At the betrayal of "comrades".

In the 1970s, Vietnam, who has just concluded, has frequent harassment of my country's frontiers, causing serious threats to the lives and property of my country's border people, and my country has expressed serious warnings to Vietnam.

However, in early 1974, the Vietnamese army completely retaled the warning of our government, and invaded my Nanhai Yongle Islands. In the face of Vietnam's violations, the Central Military Commission urgently made Xu Shiyou launched a counterattack.

In the subsequent battle, only a few hours, several invaded island reefs were once again occupied by the People's Navy, and this is also severely hitting Vietnam's arrogance.

Xisha Harmony

However, despite the hush, Vietnam is not dead, still trying to dominate Southeast Asia.

At that time, in order to balance China, the Soviet Union with China has provided assistance to Vietnam, but relying on these assistance, Vietnam has fallen into the "unhealthy" madness, completely, in China, constantly provocating my country's bottom line.

Under the malicious guidance of the Vietnamese government, Vietnam's opposition to China and the Chinese have reached the peak, and all the priests are all hit the title of "more rape".

In the next few years, conflicts are constantly upgraded, and the arrogant Vietnam harasss my country's Southwest border. At first, the government was very intense, and the power of peacefully resolved disputes, but Vietnam didn't get inch.

So, in order to safeguard the interests of the motherland and the people, my country decided to carry out anti-counter fight against the more self-defeating in 1979.

However, before the war, Vietnam's generals, Wuyuan armor, I heard that Xu Shiyou took the team, he said, "Wins"! So, is this a battle like him?

Forgive me

On February 17, 1979, my country officially attacked Vietnam. Before the war, General Xu Shouou personally went to the front line to investigate. Finally, after the central government, Xu Shiyou decided to take the knife in the outer highlands of the forgivement!

Forgive the mountain's terrain, there is only one traffic road and both sides of the jungle is very suitable for the fight against the battle. In order to pass this road, you must take the hill head of the road to occupy the high point.

Combat the battle

On the day of the game, Xu Shouou used its experience in combat, under unfavorable combat conditions, through the split raid, the small stock troops, surrounded by evil, and surrounded the enemy's high.

Subsequently, after a series of battles, the enemy formed surrounded by the enemy.

At this time, in the surrounding circle is the "Third Division" of the Vietnamese People's Army stationed in the forgivergend. Speaking of this "third division", because of the excellent performance in the Vietnam War, it is called "Venus of the South A star".

After the emergence of the enemy, the People's Liberation Army did not hurry to enter the army, but through the survey, after the troops arrived at the designated position, the warfield initiative was placed under the control of our army.

Forgive me

Subsequently, under the deployment of Xu Shiyou, our army took the initiative to attack the enemy's third division of the enemy of the same Highlands, "Heroes", with the battle, in a burst of fireballs, the enemy troops in sleeping The dizzy turns, the Vietnamese People's Army fell into chaos a time.

When the Vietnamese army is about to collapse, Wu Yuanjia dispatched a troops from nearby residents, and attempted to launch a shelling in our army.

However, there were no thoughts that these aids just arrived at the designated position were discovered by our army. Subsequently under the "entertainment" of our army, it was completely paralyzed. In this way, as the enemy aid is destroyed, our army successfully seized the position, and finally detached all the "Heroes" of the Vietnamese People's Army's third division.

Wu Yuanjia

I have eaten such a defeated, I also screamed "Wins" Wu Yuanjia and his arrogant will arrogant from the top, so that the remaining more than 10,000 people in the third division chose them. It is believed that the most secure approach - retransmission, please forgive me.

In fact, Wu Yuanjia will intend to set up the landlore of the mines, build a bunker's ditch and military trenches, intend to block the troops of Xu Shiwei outside forgive me.

The People's Liberation Army crosss the mountainous area

It can be facing the adjustment of the enemy deployment. Xu Shiyou also chose the corresponding tactical warfare, allocating the East Line Corps to the periphery, and saved the Vietnamese People's Army in the mountains from the outside.

In the early morning of February 27, 1979, with the sound of the rumbling, the campaign of the mart is officially started, the fifty-fifth military troper of our fifty-fifth military troops, launched a longitudinal and deep, to the buckle of the Mountain, Baishan, 417 highlands Launched an attack.

Although the PLA warrior is brave, there is still a big casualty in the battle.

It is because the attack is filled with fog, the sight is not good, and many soldiers sacrificed under the cold guns of the Vietnamese army hiding in the dark; I didn't familiar with the terrain of all highlands in the first place. Can't avoid the enemy's fire force on the road of offensive roads, causing serious casualties;

The third is because the Ergyzead is deeply versed for the military warfare, and it will be quite skilled in the landscape, anti-slope.

In addition, the Equipment of the Vietnamese People's Army is the Soviet assistance or the US army legacy weapon, so its firepower is not weak.

Soviet aid Vietnam

Since our firepower can't suppress enemy, our army can only pass grenades, explosive bags, explosive buckets, one one-to-enemy bunker, which will have a huge loss and trouble.

In this way, the fierce attack between the two sides in this is lasts for eight days, until the time of the morning of March, the command is performed from the periphery to clear the enemy troops.

China aid Vietnam's food

However, after our troops are occupying enemy positions, we have found many materials such as food and equipment before my country.

Seeing that the partners who have helped now have their own enemies, they also take their own weapons to attack themselves. This "white eye wolf" behavior makes all the warriors do not play.

It is more angry that Vietnamese has been victims of chemical weapons hurt in war, but has become a hammer in this war.

Although they are just "CS" irritating gas, only non-fatal injuries that stimulate vomiting and sneeze, but their bad behaviors still make people feel no.

The battle is still continuing. Under the order of Xu Shiyou, all the artillery troops who can dispatched it in March will be assembled around March. According to the post, it is about five kilometers around the mountain, assembly 22 guns camp, more than 200 large diameter artillery.

Artillery position

Before the shelling, the East Corps received the news from the escaped Chinese overseas Chinese.

They will tell the head of the military team in the important facilities, government agencies, communications, and public security facilities, transportation roads, etc., and labeled in our military map.

In this case where there is no need to investigate, all of our artillery troops have bombarded the important facilities and buildings in the city of forgive me, forgive the infrastructure and enemies of this. Fang Shoujun took the devastating strike and basically eliminated the fatal power of the enemy forces.

The more self-defense counterattack is a self-defense war for the guardian of the defending of the Border of Vietnamese, anti-enemy's invasion, and in this position, I originally believed that after winning the mountains, for Vietnam The lesson is already enough, and it is planned to withdraw the army.

The speeches after Vietnam have fully embodied their arrogance and ignorance.

After the Battle of Justuel, they believe that the Chinese army did not win, because the Chinese army did not completely occupy Just, the occupation is just the new city of forgive me, and the poor river is not occupied.

Poor river

So, our army did not have a soft hand. On March 4th, the 200 large-scale electronic gun once again aimed at the south of Vietnam, in the evil gunfire, the People's Liberation Army sang the poor, and then embarked on the south of the river bank The land, after which the front of the front will advance the front of the country.

As a result, the Vietnamese army learned, they realized that the difficulty of fighting with China is too difficult, so I have released mobilization order and intended to come back.

At this time, the Chinese People's Liberation Army has completed the task of self-defense counterattack, and it is ordered to be withdrawn.

After this war, Vietnam has retired for decades, but all this is to take care of the Vietnamese government, it is not worthy of sympathy.

In this battle, my country has also let other looks at China, and the country with hostile countries see China's confrontation and provocative attitude towards other countries.

In general, the strategic purpose of our army our army has reached, in which our army's leadership of Xu Shiyou and the cooperation of the Western Warband Command Yang Shuzhi, in the Battle of Justury, the "Third Division"Not only the victory of the Battle of Justury, but also annihilated the enemy's strength, and seized the provincial capital of forgive me.Xu Shiyou visits the battle staff