Why is the plane put it in an air?Where is the oil removed?Not afraid to sprinkle your face?

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Why is the plane put it in an air?Where is the oil removed?Not afraid to sprinkle your face?

2022-01-15 18:07:19 17 ℃

Weight will affect the safe flight and landing of the aircraft. Therefore, both civil aviation passenger is still a military aircraft, they will reasonably control the ported fuel when they take off. Something, once the plane exceeds a predetermined voyage, they often have the situation of insufficient fuel, and can only find ways to force.

It is just that people feel unexpectedly, if the plane needs to land in the middle, they have to go to an airborne oil to land. This can't help but express curious, why is the plane to put oil in the air? Where is the oil who left? Isn't it afraid to sprinkle your face?

Causes of airborne oil

In fact, the reason why the aircraft will put oil, mainly in order to reduce the weight of the aircraft, so that it can achieve conditions that can be safely landed. After all, the speed of the plane is particularly fast, once the aircraft is too heavy, no matter how skilled in the pilot, there is no accident, it is obvious that no one will be willing to see such a picture.

All this is from the plane take-off, in order to ensure normal flight, the fuel it carries is tens of tons, some large passenger aircraft will even have hundreds of tons, which makes the aircraft increases a lot. Therefore, if these fuels have a lot of no consumption, but the aircraft needs emergency landing, in order to ensure safe landing, they can only reduce the weight by putting oil.

The same truth, as a military aircraft is also the same, but because they will also mount weapons such as missiles, if they need forced to drop more options. In addition to airborne oil, it is also possible to put missiles or other explosives to some irrelevant places until the weight of the aircraft becomes a safe landing weight.

Where is the oil removed?

Of course, these fuel will naturally be released everywhere, otherwise they will not only pollute the environment, but they may even cause fire. Therefore, in normal conditions, once the aircraft needs to be airborne oil, the ground commander will guide them to a specific place and avoid urban or forests as much as possible. In addition, during the entire oil, the aircraft will also build a no-fly zone to avoid other aircraft.

It is worth mentioning that the plane puts the oil and the imagination, it is not directly imagined, but will pass atomization, let the released fuel to maximize processing, minimize the environment Pollution and destruction. Something, even if someone is unfortunate, they will not be sprinkled.

In short, special circumstances are specially treated, the airplane airborne oil will have some negative impact, but it is fully understood compared to passengers of the entire plane. What's more, with the continuous development of technology, it will inevitably find a better treatment, so we don't have to worry too much about the harm of airborne oil in the airplane.