Finally, I've been hard, this time, Japan can't bear it, directly to the US military "no"

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Finally, I've been hard, this time, Japan can't bear it, directly to the US military "no"

2022-01-15 18:06:45 17 ℃

According to Japanese media reports, the KXIo Kelly Live in Hokkaido recently revealed that the US "Stokendale" planned on February 6th in Hokkaido Otaru.

Prior to this, the Japanese government asked the US military to ask the epidemic prevention measures to stop, but there was no reply so far, so the Japanese hope that the United States can reconsider the relevant warships.

Otaru Municipal Government has inferred that if the US military ship is parked in the region, there will be a maximum of 240 ships on the shore. On February 5th to 12th, Sapporo City, Otaru City, will also hold the ice and snow, so it is likely to attract the participation of the US soldiers.

Considering that the United States has a single day's new infection, Japan is still euphemistic to refuse the US military ship to stop in the region.

The new epidemic in Japan is not optimistic, and the first-phase shore field is even eliminating the discussion plan, which is specifically to fight the epidemic in China. The focus on the prevention and control area includes Okinawa, Yamaguchi and Hiroshima 3 counties.

All the three counties founded that the epidemic surge and the US soldiers carried the O'Ker mutual strain, especially Okinawa Prefecture. Prior to this, the county's Kusheng Danny requested the US military to comply with the epidemic prevention provisions, but still endless.

The Saitian Wenxiong has repeatedly expressed "strong protests" to the United States, requiring the US military to bind soldiers to follow Japanese local epidemic prevention regulations. Even so, the US soldiers still have no buckle in Japan.

The US military is so unscrupulous, but also because the "Japan-US Status" gives the US "privilege", it is clear that if you can't control the actions of the US military station, the Japanese epidemic has not ended the day.

Many politicians have clearly stated that this epidemic prevention vulnerability must be blocked, and the "Japanese US Status Agreement" is required. The mood of Japanese politicians can understand, but the United States will certainly not allow this happening.

As a country with the world's largest overseas military base, the United States has brought troubles to many countries from the epidemic.

In September last year, the US military was used to complete the vaccination, eliminating all soldiers to the new crown virus screening obligation before the day. In fact, there are still a large number of soldiers who have not completed vaccination in the US military army. They are likely to bring the O'Ker mutant strain to Japan.

In addition to Japan, South Korea has also suffered similar situations. Unfortunately, how do they complain, the United States will not change their style, so-called commitment is more like a short check.