China deploys 400 intercontinental missiles?The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is rare to pick up the words, and the four words must listen.

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China deploys 400 intercontinental missiles?The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is rare to pick up the words, and the four words must listen.

2022-01-15 18:07:09 20 ℃

In the United States, in order to look forward to their own expansion plans, "the teacher is famous", and it is constantly rendering the Chinese Russian "Military Threat" in the international, and it is said that Sino-Russia has conducted some research, or called the military scale known as Sino-Russia. It has reached some extent. If the United States does not act, it will be more than the Chinese and Russia, and then it is "retaliated" in China. There are a lot of excuses in the United States. The last goal of the root is to let yourself have more funds for arms upgrade, but also not accused.


Overbearing United States

The United States is completely shaping the bell, self-deception, China and Russia have been calling not to intensify the military competition, but the United States is getting farther in this road, he is constantly providing so-called technical support for some countries, intensifying regional armaments, resulting in regional peace Higher damage, the United States is not only the most powerful military country in the world, but also the world's largest weapon traders, relying on the United States who sells weapons. It is still selling weapons in modern times, sometimes even strong buying, you Don't buy my buy Russia, I will sanction you, it is extremely overbearing.

Recently, the United States is also rendering China's armament strength, and even the most dangerous nuclear weapons, rendering China is continuously expanding the domestic intercontinental missile launch platform, has built hundreds of shipping wells, will deploy 400 Intercontinental missiles . This is completely alarmist, 400 items are not 4, so large-scale deployment, if you really have only your US know? What kind of attitude is there in what kind of mentality is really unimaginable.

China is directly chasing

For China's large-scale expansion plan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will challenge the words, four word-oriented states must be good, and Fu Cong, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Not a real". All along, about nuclear weapons, China, pursue "not first use" policies, and has always used the minimum of nuclear weapons to protect national security. In addition, with the progress of the times, although China does not expare, this is It doesn't mean that China will not update the nuclear weapon library. This makes us ensure that our nuclear weapons are safe, once it needs to be used, it is reliable.

Most importantly, in the face of rapidly changing international situation, we have continuously evaluated our nuclear power. We must ensure that our nuclear power is sufficient, otherwise it is difficult to deal with international threats. It has always been a threat to China, but today, it is also looking for a variety of excuses to expare, and the United States will invest several huge funds to investigate and develop various weapons, including nuclear weapons, which are fact.

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