Major breakthrough!New engine single hair force thrust 19 tons, full-to-direction vector version?

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Major breakthrough!New engine single hair force thrust 19 tons, full-to-direction vector version?

2022-01-15 18:06:42 14 ℃

Author: 海 狼 山

From a decade ago, the first time used liquid miles ballistic missile accurately hit the high level of 800 kilometers of small volume objects, and the heavy-duty stealth fighter in 11 years ago, and then the mid-stage anti-guided and ultra-high-speed weapon system after successful. The trial is successful, and it seems to be the first to be unveiled in the day, which seems to have a conventional "law". However, recently, this year, no longer emphasize the openness of the new concept weapon, must deliberately go to, which node, so 1.11 must have a major new equipment to appear to see it, no longer so compelling. However, it is not stressed, not deliberate, not equal to it. This is because the past breakthroughs have begun from a few key points, and today's breakthrough is a large-scale, integrity comprehensive breakthrough. In the past, only a few is global originality; more is a major breakthrough with the first basic skills of the Super Ages, which is also a major breakthrough, such as 11 years ago, the heavy stealth machine takes off. Today's so-called breakthroughs, if they don't definitely lead the world, even the world's existing highest level is more than 10 years, I am embarrassed to break through. So now,

Although no need to pursue a certain advanced equipment in a specific time node, it is not a few new equipment than the past, but the overall request has increased the boat, and the breakthrough node is too much, do not know which one is better. Of course, not all breakthroughs can ensure the leading the world's highest level of more than 10 years. Some long-term missions and short boards are still required. The most prominent is the big plane, also including a large stealth bomber. To achieve this type of equipment, it is also a first-class world, then first, it is still necessary to solve the supporting engine and fully meet the world's first-class level. Recently, these years, from the world's leading large tonnage ship, to advanced main tanks, come to a variety of advanced helicopters. It has realized a large-scale offline of batchization. The annual water of the Shield ship is even more than the past world records. The reason is, or completely broke through these land sea-air systems. Only the engine has completed a comprehensive breakthrough and industrial production. Then there is everything left. The same truth. From 100 tons to 400 tons of large planes,

The comprehensive technical breakthrough and mass production of the strategic invasive bomber from 200 tons, still need to wait for the full production of self-produced engines or even the ability to exceed the standard. Although the 1.11 in the year has been calm, it seems that there is no display. But a major breakthrough of a drag surface may be achieved inadvertently. This is a heavy-duty stealth machine, which is obviously a single priority test flight. A heavy machine is a standard double-fashion model, so how to make single trial flight? It is very simple, that is, an engine still retains the original version of the original support; and additionally install a new test flight version. Starting from the takeoff, only the newly installed engine, the old version of the engine is only maintained in the whole process, which is the military non-force force. During the flight, a comprehensive test of the newly installed engine. Including driving to maximum thrust, the middle may extinguish the bonus and then boost; even flying under extreme conditions; such as air re-ignition test or risk of risk of risk.

In summary, the whole machine maintains basic security thrust in the air, and then performs various risk tests for newly installed engines. After determining that the new engine ensures normal use under various rude manipulation and even extreme conditions, the next step will carry out large area double trial flight and final setting. The reason why it is determined to be single trial flight, because it can clearly see the bright state of the right engine is in full strength, and the engine on the left is completely inside. This shows that the right is full of power to the maximum thrust, while the left is only maintained in the middle thrust state. In addition to only one start and aggressive, more amazing changes, the tail towing tube of the open force right engine is pointed to the left air nozzle difference from the non-powered force. If the tail nozzle of the two engines is fixed in the direction, even if the single is averaged, the pointing point of the nozzle does not differ from this extent. This phenomenon has only one possibility. That is the right new engine on the right side of the test, from the beginning, the whole band, only the light shadow point of the jet, the two engines are completely different.