US News Article: Putin's strong action makes the West to respond

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US News Article: Putin's strong action makes the West to respond

2022-01-15 18:06:56 20 ℃

Reference Information Network Report on January 15th, the US "Wall Street Journal" issued on January 13th issued the article "Putin, the leading Western", the author is the International Relations of the International Institute of Hudsun, Walter Russel, Mid, Full Text The extracted is as follows:

No one knows whether Russian President Putin will determine Ukraine, but it is increasingly clear that the Western Union of the division and confusion do not know how to deal with the challenges of him.

Western diplomats indulge in Hua, whispered, in 10 years, visited Putin as a diamond Han, who left the history. The Europeans chattterlessly, I firmly believe that old-style political rules no longer apply to our open contemporary, and find out that they are excluded from the important negotiations on Ukraine issues. On the occasion of Russia, Americans are keen on narrow polar political and domestic cultural war. Now, the Biden government announced the United States to overseas. At the same time, the country's "democracy" is on the verge of collapse.

Putin uses the timing in different ways, rebuilding the Soviet Union under the Western eyelids of the three-hearted two-hearted. Because Russia did not annex to an independent, former Soviet Union branch republic, many observers underestimated how successful Putin reorganization Soviet Union. However, Putin is independent of these countries, actually affected by Russia.

The strategy is effective. In 2020, Putin ended the war of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Naka region, reiterated the influence of Russia's South Caucasus. Later, under the Western anger, Putin helped the White Russian President Luchenko to continue their right. Last week, Putin established himself as the highest arbitrator of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, the West has not been prepared to apply to Russia to Ukraine. For the US commitments and wisdom, Europe is more doubts than ever. Germany's peacefulism is hard. The UK Deutue has weakened the relationship between European military big powers. Europe's dependence on Russian oil and gas has led to energy stress in the West, and thus greatly limiting the capacity of Western implementation of economic sanctions. Putin knows that economic sanctions on Europe is far greater than the US. This deepened the split of the alliance he hoped. Given that oil prices exceed 80 US dollars per barrel, Putin's hit by economic sanctions may not be as heavy as the hopes of the White House.

Putin has been facing a serious crisis so far, and he doesn't seem to worry. His success in Belarus and Kazakhstan completely intimidated the opposition power. Energy prices rose to mitigate his cash issues. The crisis re-established Russia in the World Politics Center, which proves the fragility of the West, intimidating Ukraine, highlighting the power of Putin's driving power game. What is going to do next, and his decision depends entirely on what he thinks can promote the core objectives of Russia.

Putin's success reflects the failure of the West in intelligence and politics. Until the Western leaders walked out of the fantasy and reminded the effective foreign policy art, he will continue to profit from the interests of sacrificing our (Western).