my country's naval strength can't hide!Rare active debut, Russia directly clapping

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my country's naval strength can't hide!Rare active debut, Russia directly clapping

2022-01-15 18:06:54 17 ℃

In recent years, the military construction of my country has achieved a lot of brilliant achievements. For example, the successive water of the two aircraft carriers has greatly enhanced the harvest of my country's navalism, which also has a strong national pride. The aircraft carrier as a marker of the Navy, and its technical standards and thresholds are very high. At present, there are countries with aircraft carrier on the earth. In addition to the US Navy with many nuclear power aircraft carriers, only one or two of the countries owned by the aircraft carrier, such as India have bought it. The old aircraft carrier during the Cold War of Russia, thereby see how difficult it is.

However, China's goal is the star sea. The completion of these two aircraft carriers is only a small step in the new era of my country's naval development process. The Chinese Navy is impossible to stop development. It is reported that the days from the third aircraft carrier in China are not far away. In addition, there is a more exciting good news is that China's active debut "Linglong No. 1" is "Linglong No.1".

Nuclear power aircraft carrier

The biggest advantage of nuclear driving aircraft carriers is its excellent and even horrible lasting navigation capabilities. Nuclear power aircraft carriers often only need a few kilograms of nuclear fuel to circulate global. Nuclear power aircraft carrier can have a long time in Ocean upstream, and routine power aircraft carrier must have often replenished oil. In addition, the nuclear power aircraft carrier requires only small volumes of space for carrying nuclear fuel.

my country's development of nuclear power aircraft carrier

At present, there is only a wealth of nuclear driving aircraft carriers in the world. The US Navy Fleet has the vast majority of nuclear power aircraft carriers, which is an important reason for the US Navy can have no way to sail in the world.

my country is striving to build a nuclear driving aircraft carrier, this road is inevitably extremely hard. At present, my country's most important difficulties are not to master miniaturized military nuclear reactors. Due to historical reasons, my country's military nuclear reactor technology has no progress in a long time.

"Linglong No. 1" nuclear reactor

According to relevant media reports, my country's nuclear reactor technology has developed the latest breakthrough. my country's Navy actively shows the "Linglong No. 1" small nuclear reactor in Hainan, which is expected to be applied to the nuclear power carrier. Compared to large nuclear reactors, the risk of nuclear accidents occurred in "Linglong No.1". In addition, the output power of "Linglong No. 1" nuclear reaction is very strong, walking in the forefront of the times. Although it is currently not available for nuclear driving aircraft carriers, it is also a milestone for the development of nuclear reactor technology in my country.

The limitations of "Linglong No. 1" nuclear reactor for nuclear power aircraft is mainly the low concentration of nuclear fuel, and it is necessary to replace a fuel every two years. It is reported that the processes of nuclear power aircraft replacement of nuclear reactors are very complicated and troublesome, time-consuming and costly.

Russian media praised the development of the Chinese Navy

Although "Linglong No. 1" nuclear reactor aircraft carrier is also a distance from the nuclear power aircraft carrier, this is also a very huge progress, which greatly makes up for the short board in this regard, narrowing the gap between China and the West. China's initiative showed that the media involved in Russia did not expect the China Navy's progress in building a nuclear carrier. We must be soberly aware of the defects and insufficient existence of themselves, and we also remember to not be self-purple. I believe that with the rapid development of China's military science and technology, we will soon see the nuclear driving aircraft carrier built by China.