The 240,000 troops have gathered, and 16 mechanics will be dispatched at any time, the Pentagon: Willing to talk

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The 240,000 troops have gathered, and 16 mechanics will be dispatched at any time, the Pentagon: Willing to talk

2022-01-16 12:02:53 67 ℃

Figure is the Russian army

In order to press Russia to take a big event, 30 F35 fighters are sent in Alaska Airport, and there is an elephant stroll to take off. It is obviously to show off their own stealth fighters to Russia, and facing the US provocation. The Russian army has conducted a strong counterattack, announced 240,000 military commanders, and 16 mechanized teachers will be dispatched at any time. They are ready to launch a large-scale actual exercise. The Russian army has entered alert, will they come at any time? This makes the United States are very concerned, saying that this Pentagon is willing to talk to Russia, I hope not to make the situation in the two countries more nervous.

Figure is the Russian army

At present, the relationship between the United States and Russia is very nervous. In order to highlight the so-called hegemony, the United States is frequently pressing Russia in the past few years, even if this year, the epidemic strike, the army combat power has not stopped, and facing the US provocation Russia's attitude has been very tough. After the US military shot, the Russian army will actively move the counterattack. After the US military sent F35, after the Alaska provoke, the Russian army announced the use of 240,000 military to hold a live-action exercise, and use action against the US provocation.

The picture shows the Russian army live exercise

Although the US military has an advantage in routine military power, the US military is facing the Russian army's threat to the US military still have to bear huge stress, especially the allies in Europe, we must know that European countries are directly bordered by Russia. Once there is any conflict with Russia and Russia, European countries will have their own rush, so the actions of the United States and Russia have received attention from European countries. The multi-country leaders have promised that the US Russia is alive, do not let the situation further intensified.

In fact, the United States has a considerable pressure in the face of Russia. This is not only because Russia has the largest nuclear allocation of the world, but also because Russia has also been developed in recent advanced conventional weapons, including dagger air shooting ballistic missiles. The zircon high supersonic anti-ship missile and Su 57 fighters and T14 tanks, etc. Reduced a lot, some experts said that after these advanced weapons, the Russian army had enough strength to give the US military fleet or even the United States.

Figure is Russian zircon high supersonic anti-ship missile

The dagger controlled missile and zircon high supersonic anti-ship missiles are the world's first air radiation and carrier high supersonic weapons. The Russian army declares that the dagger air shooting can attack all the goals in the 2500-kilometer range, and even have the ability to attack the ground. Or the anti-ship missile on the sea, the zircon anti-ship missile is a new generation of missiles built for the US military aircraft carrier. Its maximum flight speed is as high as 8 times, and the US army is not able to intercept, and because of the pole High speed, this missile can re-create an American aircraft carrier as long as one is hit, and the power is extremely powerful.

Although the Russian military mobilized 240,000 military to hold a real bulging exercise is not intended to be aware of the US military and its allies, but the Russian army's various advanced weapons of the Russian military equipment is enough to put a huge pressure to the US military. In this way, the US military is in the face of the world's first military strength, and it does not dare to shoot Russia. This gives us a wake up, only with a strong strong military strength, the United States does not dare to shoot us.