US ship broke into the Black Sea, the Russian multi-fighter mount, issued analog attack instruction!

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US ship broke into the Black Sea, the Russian multi-fighter mount, issued analog attack instruction!

2022-01-16 18:05:54 60 ℃

US ship broke into the Black Sea, the Russian multi-player mount, issued analog attack instructions, and proposed protests! Global Network invoked the United States "Star Ratio" news report that the US Aegis destroy ship entered the Black Sea area and was discounted by Russian fighters. It is reported that the US Army's Aegis destroyed ignore the warning of Russia broke into the Black Sea, and approached Russia's offshore, Russia directly dispatched a multi-fighter for expel. It is reported that Russia dispatched the Su 35 fighter at the same time as a bomber forms a formation, and the US military ship is strongly expelled. In the process of expulsion, the Russian fighter formation, the fighters were fired flights, and the drills of analog attacks were made to the US compelling.

The US military decision revealed that the Russian fighters directly showed the missile, and carried out a great threat to the anti-ship attack drill, giving the American ship, and the ultimate American ship was forced to evacuate the relevant sea area. The US military put forward protests to Russia, condemning Russian movements too danger, causing a direct threat to the US military ship, and caused the US soldiers' disturbance. The US military condemns Russia's actions can easily cause misjudgment, thus causing unnecessary conflicts. In fact, this is no longer the first tough economic warriors in Russia. The Russian fighter also passed many times to brush the US military warship and aircraft carrier, plundered from the British warship. Previously, NATO also protested against Russia, and accused Russia's too tough movement caused nervousness in NATO. In fact, Russia maintains this tough sword practice and the necessary means to defend their rights.

The Pentagon protested that the Russian military's move "is very unsafe", requiring Russia to bind military actions. Although the US military has proposed a similar protest, Russia does not change their own style, or continue to be tough, and each time it is absolutely tough. Russia always likes to take the initiative to brighten the sword in the face of military threats and provocations of the US military, and every time they are forced to retreat the US military warships and fighters. Russia's practice makes the US military very dissatisfied, the US condemned Russia to use strong, resulting in dangerous situations.

Previously, the Russian fighter pilot flew directly from the US military bomber, which led to a violent vibration of the US military bomber. Russia knows that the US military is to believe in jungle law, bullying is hard to be its basic characteristics, so Russia is always critical, dare to be bright sword, dare to go out, and effective earthquake.