On January 14th, the former UK high-in-law acknowledged to China; Russia threatened to break the relationship with the United States

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On January 14th, the former UK high-in-law acknowledged to China; Russia threatened to break the relationship with the United States

2022-01-16 18:05:37 55 ℃

Since the Soviet Union, the United States has become the only one in the world in the world, and the United States has a sense of solitude and resort, which is more and more likely to make a sense of resort, and more and more likely to make a sense of force. Singleism tendency in foreign policy is also more obvious. Not only has adopted various hostile action on China, but also the allies of their own allies.

According to media reports, Kelps, British business ministers, said that the British government put pressure on Huawei is a pressure from the United States, not the British thinking, but the United States behind it. At the same time, Kelps also admitted to China, Huawei won't make "threats" for the United Kingdom.

According to Kelps, he served as the UK's Minister of Commerce, and the British intelligence and safety department conducted strict testing and review of network equipment from Huawei. At the same time, the UK's advanced nature of Huawei is also known.

In fact, such a fact is not to use the British official to break, which is something that everyone knows. The US monitoring network is spread all over the world, and China has deployed 5G network in many countries in Europe, and Huawei, there is a problem, it will be unrestrained by the United States.

However, the United States accused Huawei's unsafe has been decades. His intelligence department and the special agent have also to find out the evidence of Huawei "insecure", but to even convincing evidence so far. I haven't taken it out. But the Americans are now crazy to refer to the clip of the deer, and he caught the truth, forcing his allies and Huawei two broken.

This is a robber logic. However, the current UK has no capacity to act as an instruction in the United States, but have to follow the US rhythm to fight China's high-tech enterprises. The arrogance of the United States, not only increases the sense of crisis in China and Russia, many times, but also in the United States allies.

In 1987, in order to pressurize the economy and steamed Japan, the United States shocked the global Toshiba incident; in 2013, in order to suppress France's high-tech enterprises, the United States has created the Alstom incident, and the high-tech company named "French Huawei" is dismissed. In 2018, in order to suppress Huawei company, the United States also refers to illegally depriving Huawei, the Canadian government is a long-term boat. The United States's overbearing path has become the scourge of the whole world.

However, when the United States's overbearing act, Russia does not eat this set of USA. According to Russian media reports, Melidez, chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, took the lead in drafting a russian sanctions plan, and the sanctions list even included the current president Putin. The Russian Presidential News Secretary Peskov said they will use this as a signal of the relationship between the two countries.

After Russia's strength, Russia returned to Crimea, Western countries jointly built international oil prices, leading to Russian income sharply, and the sluggish economic snow adds and creams, there is no capital with the United States. However, as a combat nation, Russia has always adhered to the United States and the United States, breaking this word, and there is no big deal in Russia.

The United States often launches sanctions to politicians in other countries. In China, some university principals and experts and scholars are included in the United States in the sanctions. But listed a big country's head of state into a sanctions, but it is a role in the world, it is no wonder that Russia is so angry, directly threatening to disconnect with the United States diplomatic relations.

At present, Russia is confront to NATO and NATO, and it is possible to explode conflicts at any time. From the previous time, the five permanent members of the United Nations suddenly saw the sound of nuclear weapons, it should be a weak Russian threat, causing other four major countries to fire extinguish. If the unilateral diplomat of the United States does not correct, it may cause more disasters. This kind of violent policy is performed for a long time, and it is also an erosion for hegemony of the United States.