Micr -15, b-29 of Kars!In the battle with F-86, the battle is 14: 1, is it true?

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Micr -15, b-29 of Kars!In the battle with F-86, the battle is 14: 1, is it true?

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On the morning of November 30, 1950, a team of US Air Force's B-29 "Super Air Fort" bomber was dedicated to North Korea attacked an air base!

Since June 25, 1950, the United States, July 7, 1950, and the United States immediately formed a so-called "United Nations" from the United Nations to help South Korea. On September 15th, the United Nations, "the United Nations military" landed from Incheon, after which In a short period of time, the Korean army was forced to withdraw from the vicinity of the three eight lines.

At the same time, in the air, in the air, the US bomber group is unscrupulously in Korean, while those fighters can attack the ground forces;

It can be said that at the beginning of the war, the "United Nations Army" is unfavorable in heaven, there is no threat! It is because of this, the US B-29 has also begun to become more and more "arrogant". After promoting his front, it will dispatch a large number of bombers to fight against their major air force bases, so unfun!

However, on the morning of November 30, 1950, all this changed because of a fighter's "chaos"!

In the B-29 bomber group of the North Korea Air Force base, he suddenly broke into a flying speed of the flying speed. This fighter attacked the rapid evacuation of several B-29 with Thunder, and the United States was escorted. Air Force F-80 (a straight jet fighter) is just a symbolic pursuit, and then looks at the fight against the war to disappear into a "black point", which is in the wind!

Let the US military "fear" MiG-15 fighter

This fighter is MiG-15 manufactured by the Soviet Union. Although this battle is not its first battle in North Korea, the "fear" brought by the Bombing crew, the "fear" brought by the Bomb in the US military The entire command system spreads.

Why is Americans "panic"?

This is mainly because this fighter is significantly better than that of the US Air Force F-80, F-84 and Navy's F9F, which has been put into battlefields at the time, as for those traditional propeller fighters. Such as P-51, F4U is even less wrong;

John Srizo, who was asked by the British Air Force, once said: "MiG-15 is not only fast than any of our fighters we built today, but it has been produced in large quantity!

In the active fighters of the United Nations Air Force, only the F-86 "Peproach" of the United States in 1949 can be hidden, in addition to this, MiG-15 has a few opponents in the Korean battlefield.

Although the F-86 is in the speed of the MiG-15, it is still inferior to MiG-15 in terms of flight height, acceleration performance, and climbing rate. At the same time, in the weapon configuration, MiG-15's 37 mm NR-23 machine gun and two 23mm N-37 machine guns are more killed in the attack end, while the number of machine guns is much more, The 12.7 mm caliber is slightly insufficient in air combat;

In other words, MiG-15 is carrying "gun", and the F-86 is equipped with "gun", and the power cannot be synonymous!

MiG-15, B-29 bomber

What is worried in the United States in the next battle happened over North Korea! The interceptor team consisting of 44 MG-15 is composed of 48 B-29 bomber, 18 F-86, 54 F-84, 24 F-86 Fighting Machines. The huge team has intercepted, after a fierce battle, the MiG-15 unit driven by the Soviet pilot shot down 10 B-29, 1 frame F-86 and 3 F-80, and the self lost a fighter;

On October 23, 1951, it was also called "Black Tuesday" by the US military. In this day, the US Air Force suffered a more heavy loss than in April;

56 MG-15 lift interception of 34 F-86, 55 F-84 and 9 B-29, and after the fighting, the Soviet pilot left the B-29 who bombed 9 bombed. Eight-frame, in the tribute, two F-84, and a MiG-15;

It is precisely because of this major failure, the US Air Force will change the attack time of the B-29 bombing chassis from daytime to night attack, the purpose is to avoid the interception of MM-15.

As a fighter specifically used to intercept the US B-29 (or bomber), I made a full test in the beginning of R & D. During the development period, in order to simulate the attack effect of the bomber, the Soviet Union specially moved the captured B-29 bomber and the B-29 bomber to the test site according to the reverse imitation of the B-29, and trought the MiG-15 on these "everyone "Damage ability.

In order to kill the enemy, large-scale machine gun is essential! 37 mm machine guns have proven to be a weapon with excellent destruction performance during the intercept bomber, although the radio speed is very low, once the bits are hit, B-29 "Don't die, I will have a layer of skin." When the B-29, the MiG-15 fighter, the machine guns, more than 1000 meters, can be "situated" in a long distance, and the self-defense weapon equipped with B-29 is more than 400 meters. This is also the "fear of fear" in the US bomber unit!

According to the Bomber Pilot of the Vietnam War, the Bomber Pilot, the Vietnam War: For the "tied" member of the crew, there is no more horrible thing than the supreme jet airplane that can break through the cluster. !

At that time, when we learned that it is necessary to face a large number of MiG-15 fighters to intercept, everyone is very afraid, this fear is that I have never been ever, even in the battlefield of Vietnam, did not experience this. fear! Because my plane is stared at MiG-15, it is not far from the crash.

"Total homology" F-86 and MiG-15

In response to this aerial threat, the US Air Force found that MiG-15 was in the Korean battlefield, I rushed to send F-86 to the front line after a month of the Korean battlefield. This is a technical perspective this is a MiG-15. Total homology "fighter;

If the "check three generations", whether the US F-86 or the Soviet MiG-15 in the United States is more or less than a product in the World War II during the World War II. TA-183, also known as "crow"!

In 1945, the British army attacked Bad Elsen's Folk-Wolf Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, and the TA-183 design drawings and related data were turned into the US military;

After Berlin was captured, the Soviet army conducted "Robbery" for the German Air Force Headquarters, where they got a complete set of TA-183 design materials;

After several years of digestion, the United States and the Soviet Union have launched their own F-86 and MiG-15 in a few weeks, in the structure, both of them have used 35 degrees and then plunder wings, fuselage Short thick, head intake airway, etc., appearance is similar.

However, it does not seem to mean that these two fighters are "replica" of TA-183, and the pencil pencils are more similar in two top-bearing products in the aircraft design process, such as Figure -160 and B-1B, etc.

F-86VS MiG-15, the war is up to 1:14, is this true?

On December 17, 1950, the US Air Force's F-86 made a trip to Mi-15. This time the Americans occupied the wind and defeated a MiG-15. Since then, the world's top fighters in North Korea. The battlefield launched a lack of killing!

What is the winning rate on these two fighters on the Korean battlefield is, but there is no accurate answer so far!

According to the US publicity, F-86 has achieved 10: 1 or even 14: 1 for Dec., the main basis is that the Soviet Union confirmed that it lost about 335 MG-15 in the Korean war. China's confirmed loss is 224, and the loss of North Korea is about 659. The United States claims to lose 78 in this war, and there is such a non-combat loss. data;

However, the bit should know that this exaggerated data probability is that the United States is advocating at the time of war, and when the North Korean war has become the never pain in the United States, some of the untrusted data of this war is not It will go to the root of the battle like this victory in World War II.

According to the previous research report on the combat of the Korean, the US Air Force's F-86 losses in the US Air Force was about 1: 1.8, if the Soviet flying fleiner is calculated separately The loss, this loss ratio may be only 1.3: 1 or even lower, the number of F-86, the actual loss of the United States is about 250;

The so-called 10: 1 war is quite checking, this may compare the number of air soldiers in both parties! According to the US pilot, Walter J. Bo, Walter J. Bo, Remains: During his spending (1951-1952), there is no so-called 10: 1 battle, both sides are engaged in the battle, each The victory of the field is determined by the driver in the cockpit, the technology, and luck are the key to determining a space war, MiG-15 is an absolute danger, we are extremely enemies, I can affirm Said that we and your opponent played a hand in the early war!

As for why MiG-15's record is inferior to F-86, it is also very good to explain. The driver participating in the air combat is mostly the Soviet fedeor, such as the World War II Soviet average pilot Ivan Coppy Temple. When the Soviet team, the 20th fighters supported the North Korea, the pilot was prioritized, and the veterans participated in the Second World War II, the fighting experience is rich, not much better than the so-called ace, the equipment performance is similar, and it is also the same. It should be!

In the late stage, with the Soviet Union began to rotate their pilots, step gradually took over the battlefield, and the overcomers of war in the abundance of experience were also normal, and they could not really be the first new hand. I will explode those "old birds"! Do people don't face?