The tsunami swing arrived in the West Coast of the United States, the New Zealand military is waiting for, and Japan requires people to avoid refuge.

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The tsunami swing arrived in the West Coast of the United States, the New Zealand military is waiting for, and Japan requires people to avoid refuge.

2022-01-17 12:09:19 61 ℃

The South Pacific Island Tonga's Hong Aha Apaj Island Submarine Volcanic Walking After 11th, the 15th is once again spoken, and the tsunamioves, the tsunami, and the Horizontal Ocean. At present, the tsunami wave has arrived in the West Coast of the United States, and Japan once demands that the people take refuge measures.

Tonga is shocked by volcanic gray

Hong Aha Apaj Island is located in Tonga Capital Nuku, Allowa, 65 kilometers NAT, after the volcano hair, a large number of volcanic ash, gas and water vapor form a huge cloud group to increase the sky. Tonga is quickly shaped by volcanic ash, and the local communication network is disturbed, and the domestic flight will be canceled.

Volcanic eruption causes tsunami. The video circulated on social media shows that the huge waves rushed on the coast, drowned roads, and flooded into the house. On the evening of the 15th, the capital Nuku Alofa has been powered off.

video screenshot

Previously, the government department of Tonga has all closed, and the geological department called on the public to avoid out and protect the water storage device. Tonga police also strengthened patrols in the beaches of the capital, requiring people to transfer to the high terrain.

Hong Aha Apaj Island is part of a highly active Tonga-Kmadk Islands. In 2015, Hong Aha Acapi Island volcano has also happened. On December 20 last year, the island volcano has also emerged for several days.

New Zealand military is ready to stand

After the volcano of Tonga went, the surrounding Fiji, Vanuatu and other places have released tsunami warning. The New Zealand National Emergency Administration issued a warning, Northern New Zealand, the eastern coastal region and the West Coast of the South Island may be hit by huge waves, and it is recommended that people are far from the port, rivers and estuary. The New Zealand military said they are paying close attention to the development and stand at any time.

New Zealand Prime Minister Adene said at the press conference on the 16th that the main submarine communication cable is affected, with the communication of Tonga, has not received the report of the casualties in Tonga.

She said that New Zealand has officially proposed to provide assistance to Tonga, a military aircraft is ready to monitor Tonga on the morning of the 17th. New Zealand also considers deploying a naval ship when needed.

Sarn Croining, Professor, University of Oakland University, said in 16th, all signs have shown that huge crater has awakened, and the sprouts can last for several weeks or even years.

Japan issued a "refuge indicator"

At zero, the local time is 15 minutes, the Japanese Meteorological Hall is against the Amai Islands, and the Tsunami Alert is released, and the tsunami prompt is issued to the Pacific Coast of Japan.

This is the first to release tsunami warning since November 2016. The Working Hall warned that the tsunami will arrive repeatedly and appeal to local residents stay safe before the alarm is released.

As of the morning of the 16th, the biggest tsunami observed in Japan was 1.2 meters of the municipality, and most of the other Pacific coastal tsunami heights were less than 1 meter. According to the tsunami warning and tsunami reminded, the 8 counties in Japan issued a "refuge indication" for 230,000 people. In the islands, local residents and tourists have been refuge from the night to high, and the road once occurs. In Kochi County, Sanzhuang County, Delogao County, etc., more than 20 ships are sinking or tipped.

On the afternoon of the 16th, the Japanese tsunami warning and tsunami prompt all released.

Surf arrived in the West Coast of the United States

In the early morning of the 15th, the National Meteorological Bureau National Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami warning in some areas of Hawaii, USA Samaa, South Alaska and Ali Shencheng, in California, Oregon, Washington, China The tsunami prompt was released, requiring the people to temporarily stay away from the beach, port, pier, and residents in the low-lying area.

On the morning, the tsunami caused by the tsunama gradually arrived at the California coast. The officially observed highest waves in Montrey, California, about more than 60 cm high.

At present, the tsunami has not caused too much damage to the West Coast of the United States, but the local government will still be serious. The local police have traveled to the beach and evacuate the people of the play. In some ports in coastal cities, people living on board are also asked to leave.