Russian "mysterious weapon" is dispatched, the British military machine is in the air!What is the "mysterious weapon"

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Russian "mysterious weapon" is dispatched, the British military machine is in the air!What is the "mysterious weapon"

2022-01-17 12:09:06 69 ℃

Recently, Russia and the United States negotiations in Geneva have no progress. The United States directly refuses the opinions of Russia to require NATO's non-eastward expansion, and even let the NATO and Russia's negotiations have lost their significance. NATO sees such a situation, and constantly dispatched Military power provocated Russia.

According to media reports, after a reconnaissance machine of the British army entered the Black Sea airspace, immediately flew to Russia's border, but on the way, the British reconnaissance machine suddenly made strange moves, and he will continue to turn in the air. For a long time, less than a period of time, the British reconnaissance machine immediately withdrew the British Air Force Base.

From the British reconnaissance machine road map, the British reconnaissance machine is very weird, and there will be no such a way to complete the task, and the British reconnaissance machine is also directly The interrupt task returned to the base, which seems to show that the British reconnaissance machine is definitely an attack of "mysterious weapons", and there will be such a weird situation.

In fact, this is not the case of the NATO fighter, and the US military machine has also encountered this situation when he forated to the Russian border, and then the US military plane continued to "paint circle" in place. It is pointed out that the two countries have encountered in the Black Sea area, and Russia must have a "secret weapon" to deploy in this area, specializing in military aircraft for NATO to fly to the Russian border.

Indeed this speculation is not in a glamorous, in such a sensitive area, will take the NATO military aircraft, and there are such advanced technology countries only Russia, but it is very curious to make NATO war up, Russia. What is this "mysterious weapon"?

Military experts believe that the "mysterious weapon" of Russia is Russia's "Clarous" electronic war system, which can send a radius of 250 kilometers to the enemy's aircraft, and this system has been blocked in Syria. Ten attacks, actual combat skills are quite strong, and is also the backbone of the Russian electronics warfare system.

However, some people don't recognize such guess. Russia's "Claisha" electronic warfare system does not have such a powerful ability to make NATO's fighters to make things continuous, because the Russian Air Force's fighter is quite powerful. Electronic press measures, British and US military military aircraft may be encountered by the Russian fighter interception.

Even some people guess this new type of electronic warfare system developed by Russia, with more advanced technology, can make the system of most aircraft fail, even can manipulate enemy planes, and Russia is a military machine in NATO do tests.

It seems that the headache is now a NATO. If you can't figure out this "mysterious weapon" in Russia, if you can't figure it out, maybe the next NATO will return to your own base. . (Self-reliance)