Sadness!3 astronauts have no return, the whole body blood vessel cracks, enough to wake the world

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Sadness!3 astronauts have no return, the whole body blood vessel cracks, enough to wake the world

2022-01-17 18:03:01 47 ℃

Today, in addition to paying attention to military, economic and scientific and technological fields, countries have turned their attention to space, because the space environment is complicated and more varied, humans want to have more deep understanding of space, and it is difficult to know. At the moment, my country Shenzhou No. 13 spacecraft is equipped with three astronauts to perform tasks in space. This space "travel" time is 6 months, they will spend a special Spring Festival in space, for this achievement in my country, as a Chinese We are honored, and even people envy the ancient space suit.

Since the astronauts enter the space of the space, they must put on the space service in space to perform tasks to deal with vacuum, solar radiation, high and low temperature and other dangerous environments, so that the safety of astronauts can maximize the safety of astronauts. Today, the West not only envy China's achievements in the aerospace sector, but also envy Chinese astronaut wearing the aerospace service, but because of its large number of advanced technology, a set of essentials is at least 30 million yuan. In the case of a white point, the aerospace service is the "second life" of astronauts.

Imagine if the astronauts entered the space, how would not wear a space? What are the consequences? Because space is very different from the environment on the earth, there is no air existence, there is no oxygen needed by human beings. If the astronaut wears an aerospace service, you can have an event 8 hours, but if there is no space service, they can only Keeping a clearness of 15 seconds, it needs to be pointed out that without oxygen, astronauts can't suffocate in space, which only accelerates the speed of expansion of the lungs, thereby accelerating the speed of death.

As early as the Cold War of the United States, the two countries not only developed a powerful nuclear bomb, but also in the space field. After the United States announced the manned manda, the Soviet Union was in a hurry, not willing to fall behind the United States, so, the Soviet Union is very fast Three outstanding astronauts entered space, but people were sadly, due to the negligence of the Soviet authorities, three astronauts had no return, they died in vacuum, the whole body blood vessel broke, brewed the big tragedy in the history of aerospace, It is sad, which also knocked the alarm to countries, enough to wake the world.

It is understood that the spacecraft designed at the time of the Soviet Union could only accommodate two people, but in order to implement space mission, the Soviet Union decided to let three astronauts joined to space, and then did a lot of experiments, but also collected a lot of valuable information, but in the spaceship On the way back to the earth, the pressure valve of the return cabin is shocked, and the cabin is rapidly decompressed. It is in a vacuum. Since the space is too small, the astronauts cannot wear aerospace clothes, leading to the whole body blood vessel to death, they use life to the world Learning, countries can't have halftakes in space exploration.