This is the top technology of Russia, which is strictly strict than the nuclear weapon, and does not sell China's screw.

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This is the top technology of Russia, which is strictly strict than the nuclear weapon, and does not sell China's screw.

2022-01-17 18:03:52 57 ℃

Although the Soviet Union disintegrates, the legend has been passed out by the mouth. It has left many excellent weaponry and advanced technical experience to Russia, but because of economic restrictions, some of them have been sold out by Russia to ease their economic pressure. However, there is a technology that Russia prohibits exports, which is strict than nuclear weapons, which is the NK-32 engine equipped with 160 bomber.

Figure 160 Loading four NK-32 engines under the bombing machine, but the officially published performance data is less, and can only be seen in Figure 160. Figure 160 The maximum takeoff weight is 275 tons, the maximum voyage is 16,000 kilometers, and the internal load is 45 tons. All of these data may not be able to intuitively recognize the advantages of this engine, and the other bomber will compare. The largest speed of the US B2 bomber is only 0.95 Mach, and Figure 160 can reach 2.05 Mach, which is more than twice the B2, and such a large gap is sufficient to prove that NK-32 engine performance is superior.

In addition, the most obvious advantage of NK-32 engineers in terms of thrust, single platform is 137.3 kWh, strengthening capacity 226.5 kWh, so that the overall thrust of Figure 160 can reach 100 tons, in the same level fighter stand out. It is therefore, Russia has a deep in this research and development technology. It is very persistent in Russia, which is very insisted in the face of all interested in China.

As we all know, Russia has a limited economic development capacity of the Soviet Union, and has always wanted to increase income. All military equipment have sales, up to S-400 air defense missile system, Su-30 fighter, missile guard boat and conventional submarine, The various old-style weapons reserves in the Army Library during the Cold War period, as long as there are countries to give the right price, Russia generally sells. But on the 180 bomber NK-32 engine, who is not seen, this is not a problem with less money, but for Russia, the importance of protecting NK-32 confidentiality exceeds its economic benefits.

In this respect, China is the best example. China Russian relations have been very friendly. my country has also released signals to Russia want to buy NK-32 engine, but Russia decisively refused, this is very complicated, but one thing can Confirmation, if there is no Western country to provoke, we will get the difficulty of this engine will be greatly reduced. So far, there is no country to buy this engine from Russia.