After the missile, the army was defeated, the army was helplessly destroyed 120 missiles, and hundreds of scientists were dismissed.

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After the missile, the army was defeated, the army was helplessly destroyed 120 missiles, and hundreds of scientists were dismissed.

2022-01-17 18:03:11 48 ℃

As we all know, the power of missiles is very powerful, not only can be used to air defense, but also use as an attack. From the United States, you can see the importance of the missile from the United States, so that countries have vigorously develop their own military strength, and developing weapons and equipment, there must be a lot of talents to study and manufacture this. . Moreover, these researchers must be very reliable, because of any country, relevant information in the new weapons developed is very confidential, and it is absolutely not to let other countries know. Once the spy is obtained by other countries, the researchers of other countries will also develop these information to defense this weapon, and these weapons will also become some waste.

Therefore, all countries have blocked their domestic weapons and technologies, especially the United States, which is worried that my country's rise will affect his dominant position, and we have implemented comprehensive technical blockade. However, do not rely on the United States, our researchers still develop a lot of military weapons. It can be seen that countries are very strict on the blockade of their domestic weapons. However, during the Soviet Union, the total designer of a missile was defeated the United States, and the army helplessly destroyed 120 missiles and hundreds of scientists wondered.

The tie designer of this rebellious is Andrekolinov, he is working for the Soviet Union, because the Soviet Union is in the cold war, and the two sides are not allowed to make each other, and they will continue to develop new weapons. . And the United States is also constantly developing weapons, but not only that, because many weapons in the Soviet Union make US eye red, such as Megge series fighters and missiles, in order to get these technologies, they sent domestic agents directly to the Soviet Union. The researchers were forced to lure. At that time, the general designer of the Intercontinental missile was developed at the time, Andrews, Andrekolinov, did not endure the temptation of the United States and sold the Soviet Union.

At that time, the United States spent tens of millions of dollars, let And Lie Kurinov will hand over these technologies but even Andr Lie Krinov will take advantage of the US, and even some important information from the Soviet Union. In the United States. This is also a point that the Soviet Union didn't think of it. gone. After knowing the innocence of Andrekolinov, the Soviet Union was in the middle of the domestic instant, but the 120 RP35C intercontinental missiles that had just been developed yet were all destroyed. After all, these missile technologies were known by the United States. There is no need to use any use at the war.

After Andrek Lienov, Soviet Horse conducted investigating all people who participated in the development of RP35C Intercontinental missiles, and found that there were many missile designers to lead themselves in Andrews Kurinov. Live the temptation of money given by the United States, and choose to betray your country. In order to appear the same thing in the late stage of prevention, the Soviet Union retired this hundreds of scientists directly, after all, the lesson of this time, so that the Soviet Union lost too much. It can be seen that there is a lot of problems in the use of internal talents in the Soviet Union, and missiles are very important for a country. Even at an important moment, it can be directly a national base card. This incident has to make the Soviet alert. .

The latent of Andrekolinov has also lets the Sovien 's finance. This matter has caused a lot of sensation at home and abroad, and countries also pay more attention to domestic confidential documents. And the rebellious missile designer, after the sale of the Soviet Union, I also got a US big pen. However, after the United States stayed in the United States, the agent sent by the Soviet Union was shot, after all, the Soviet Union is impossible to let people selling countries in the world.