Difficulties!80 million people in the United States have been affected, 4 states enters emergency state, Russia warns the White House

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Difficulties!80 million people in the United States have been affected, 4 states enters emergency state, Russia warns the White House

2022-01-18 00:02:01 49 ℃

The moon bending in Kyushu, a few happy families.

On January 17, when the world was shocked and worried about the east of the volcanic volcano, there were three "bad news" on the ocean.

This time, Biden or to fall into the affordable situation.

Let's talk about the first news: American winter storm swept in Duzhou, about 80 million people are affected by disasters.

On January 17th, the Global Network reported that some areas of the southeast of the United States, on the 16th of the local time, encounter a snowstorm, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, have now announced to emergency.

This is an extremely influential storm. Within one day, more than 278,000 users are powered off, and 80 million people are affected.

The US National Meteorological Bureau said that in some areas of affected areas, its hourly snowfall is as high as 25 mm.

Have to say, natural disasters bringing climate change, always can't prevent it. Due to the influence of ice and snow, Virginia has been dealt with at least 142 traffic accidents, and 162 vehicles will be scrapped.

The house leaks live in the rain, the ship is getting a head, almost the same day, US Florida, has encountered a strong tornado attack.

According to the Global Network, the United States, "Welcome", "Welcome", two super-strong dragon, and destroyed a local RV resort, and another attacked a trailer park.

The latest data shows that there are dozens of houses in Florida have been destroyed by storm, more than 200 residents are homeless.

Obviously, in 2022, he had just started, and Biden had to face the problem of climate change.

Nowadays, the variant new crown virus "Ok Tie" is spreading in the United States, and the United States has also encountered a meteorological crisis again, 4 states announced that more than 80 million people have affected.

If you add bad disasters, if you are not good in the United States, wait for the White House, it may be a new protest storm.

Let's talk about the second news: Trump has been tricking again, and the Democratic Party encounters a truly test.

A few days ago, former US President Trump held the first online assembly event in 2022, repeatedly publicly disclosed the failure and dereliction of the current government.

Trump said in the preservation activities, 2020 elections are "stealing" elections, and Biden won the president in the post vote, but he was "unfair media" title, ban.

In order to make more blind erotic, venturi, Trump also homed to Ben Deng, claiming that "President Biden is a disaster" "The United States has become a smile in the world."

It can be seen from these statements that Trump is also Trump, dedicated to the fight against the Democratic Party, and unbammetive speech.

Two points of influence is worth paying attention to Trump this shot.

First, the Challenge of the Democratic Party is exacerbating.

It is to know that this is Trump's first creation activity this year. At least 15,000 people attending supporters, the speech is very hot, the atmosphere is warm.

This situation shows that Tri Pu charm is not reduced, still has a lot of appeal.

The US Congress will hold a medium-term election this year. Under the rendering of Trump, the Democratic Members are likely to be unfolded by the Republican councils, and it is difficult to take the two sessions.

If the Republican parties have mastered the control of the House and the Senate, the Biden will face multiple political disorders within the next two years.

Trump's attack on Biden, apparently intensing the challenge of the Democratic Party.

Second, the social division of the United States is also more serious.

Trump's biased words and deeds, on the one hand, the support of many underlying people, and on the other hand, the social contradiction and political struggle were also expanded.

On the economic, anti-vloys, races, border immigrants, etc., the differences between Trump and Biden will only make the United States into tear, and the two party supporters will join the fight.

Once Trump, Trump participated in the 2024 presidential election, the American society is definitely necessary to fall into a bigger chaos and controversy.

Finally, for the third message: Russia also tried to the United States, Peskov warns the White House.

On the 17th of local time, Russian Presidential News Secretary Peskov said that in an interview with US media, the US persisted in expanding the sanctions against Russia, which does not comply with the interests of both Washington and Moscow, will only "cast into a big mistake".

Peskov warns: "Sanctions may occur, I will probably lead to breaking between the United States and Russia."

A few days ago, the US Democrat Senator submitted a draft breach to the Congress, hoping to be sanctions against the main economic field of Russia and the national bonds on the Ukrainian issue.

Once the draft passes the Congress, the Russian economy will be hit by an unprecedented blow.

In this regard, Russia can of course not tolerate, Peskov's statement represents the attitude of Putin and the Russian government.

If the US RUS is broken, the world's pattern will fall into a great turmoil, and the United States will face a larger diplomatic or even military crisis.

On the occasion of the internal afford, the test of Biden is accelerating.