What is the US-British "Wealth Password"?After the speculation of Russia, I started selling toward China.

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What is the US-British "Wealth Password"?After the speculation of Russia, I started selling toward China.

2022-01-18 00:03:01 64 ℃

China and Russia continue to cooperate again after the "Siberian power", "Siberian Power-2", the natural gas pipeline route passes through Mongolia, and China Shanghai is ending. It is understood that once this project is built, Russia's natural gas scale will be doubled.

The project is expected to end in 2023. Nowadays, Meiying seems to have found the "wealth password", and it is intended to be chip in Europe, trying to prevent the project successfully completed, and even began to sell, in motion in China, regardless of European survival.


The United States is in combination with the United Kingdom, which is tantamount to jumping beam clown. This kind of eye practice can't help but think of "Beixi No. 2" before you have a lot of boiling. The North Creek No. 2 is a natural gas pipeline in Russia and Europe, which is expected to be built annually to deliver 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas in Europe.

This can be successfully completed, but the United States has come out to cross a foot, and the Russian related enterprises and personnel are sanction, and the project is completed. The "North Creek No. 2", which is ended early, until it is still not officially opened, and the United States even sanctions the Russian companies and related personnel participating in the project to prevent subsequent development of the project.


So what is the purpose of doing this in the United States? The ancient story has a cloud: the world is bustling, all of them are profit; the world is bustling, all of which are the benefits, the picture is not the word.

The first destination is a money trade. Russia's natural gas has always been lower than the US liquefied natural gas, which is more competitive in the European market. Once the "North Creek No. 2" is built, the Russian natural gas will preempt the US energy market in Europe. Under such long-term development, it will not only reduce the trade amount between the United States and Europe, which will also reduce energy dependence on the United States, thereby losing a chip that can contain European development.

Second, the pipeline path between "North Cixed No. 2" avoided Ukraine, which means that there is no need to pay a large transit fee to Ukraine, while the future is no longer worried that Ukraine will create "small hands and feet" on this project.

Especially in recent years, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has intensified, which is necessary. The United States prevents the North Cixed No. 2, the purpose is to hope that Ukraine can be a chess piece that restricts Russian development. The final purpose is to prevent European friendship from being friendly. Because the principle between the two countries is just a "profit". Once the trade is close, the dependence between the dependence is bound to be more intimate. This situation is not happy to see. The United States has always pursued "a unique", how can he look at the status of ourselves growing in Europe?


From the "North Creek No. 2", it is not difficult to see that the "Siberian Power-2" in China and Russia is in the purpose of speculation. Especially in recent years, the United States is not used to China's rapid development, always hung in the mouth of "China's conspiracy". They are worried that "Siberian Power-2" will make China and Russia more intimate, thus combined with a cooperative body that makes the United States. Even if you don't hesitate to "unknownight" Europe, trying to join the European countries to join this so-called "threatening energy security" farce.

Ignore the European energy in the crisis, and the conceptively focused on the so-called "energy security". Its means is not exciting, but it is known that Sima Zhao's heart, people can know.

The United States always imparts political eyes on some people's livelihood issues, trying to cover up their own ordered the reason to cover his country, to contain other countries, and the outside world has already seen more and penetrate the US small trick. Economic and trade is the market-based, free to change market rules, and forcibly join the geopolitical meaning, one day will be altered by anti-alternating. I hope that the United States can cherish feathers, otherwise it may come to the end.