The 46th Navy gathers the Indian Ocean, India let the United Army have evolved, China's normal diplomacy is printed

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The 46th Navy gathers the Indian Ocean, India let the United Army have evolved, China's normal diplomacy is printed

2022-01-18 00:02:51 61 ℃

India is preparing for the "Milan" joint military exercises in February, and the in-border of the Sino-Indian border, but the unprecedented sea carnival suddenly changed.

According to media reports, the "Milan" naval joint exercises dominated by India are expected to participate in the Navy of 46 countries, from Asia, Africa and the Gulf region, and Russia and France. This is a nice military diplomatic opportunity, but the addition of the United States, Japan, Britain, and Australia has made the light color of the exercise.

In order to curb China, the United States strongly urged India to join the so-called "India", which made the "Okus Alliance", "Four Country", etc. Anti-China small circle. Although India maintains a certain vigilance, it is also added thereto. There is an analysis that the Navy, Japanese, Britain, and Australia, the Navy may be the main force of this exercise, but also make this exercise responder.

20 years ago, India launched a "Milan" joint exercise every two years in order to expand its diplomatic influence. India has always hoped to make the overlord in the Indian Ocean, hoping to show strength to the participating countries through joint military exercises, hoping that the Indian Ocean can recognize its great status.

In the so-called printing strategy pushed by American Forces, India is considered an important force to enclose China. At the same time, India also hopes to achieve its own big country by joining the "India". So, the two countries were shining.

However, the Indian version of the "Indian" strategy "is very different from the US printing. The United States hopes to curb China's rise, and India is to let yourself rise in the Indian Ocean. The Slide's Indian elite is not to say, and there is a certain enthusiasm to fight against China, and it is a point of hope to the United States to exchange support for the rise of Indian great powers.

In the list of invitation in this exercise, India specially invited countries in the South China Sea and China's island disputes, and they can see that it is bad. Regarding the confrontation of China-Indian border, although there is no evidence that this is a hand-held planning in India, but it can be seen from the Indian government to incite the people's discipline. The Modi government deliberately makes the incident.

From another perspective, this is also the needs of India, because only yourself in your heart, so everyone is enemies. India will see the South Asia and West Asia, the normal diplomacy of China and India's surrounding countries will be interpreted by India as actions against India.

China has recently delivered a 053b-type die-level electric submarine to Myanmar, providing submarines to the Bangladesh Navy, delivers submarines and 054a / p-frigate to Pakistan, and even Pakistan has decided to order a Squadron J-10 fighter. These can touch India's sensitive nerves.

Coincidentally, these countries are neighboring countries in India. But India may not realize that Myanmar and Pakistan are also China's neighbors. Normal interactions between China and neighbors, India should not be embarrassed. (Zhikang)