Once the Third World War broke out, where did the first shot?US Russia has already known the same thing

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Once the Third World War broke out, where did the first shot?US Russia has already known the same thing

2022-01-18 12:08:38 46 ℃

According to the reference news network, the CIA of the United States is forecast, and the World Climate Wars will be burst from 2040. The report released by the agency also shows that in the next few decades, due to the global climate change, the world will face a global military conflict.

According to reports, the end of the Second World War is now over 77 years, and the maximum time interval of the world's scale war is reached. There are outside people say that the Third World War may be touched.

The main battlefield of the Third World War, CIA report, climate change will exacerbate geographical conflicts, under the influence of global warming, the Earth's equatorial, India River, Mekong and Nile Waters, etc., may become future climate wars Hotspots, peripheral countries may adopt extreme measures for survival. In addition to the contrary to the equator, analysts believe that the Arctic is most likely to lead to conflict due to climate change.

In the past, Arctic was considered an edge zone, but with global warming, the Arctic ice sheet was increasing, and the status of the Arctic was suddenly improved. The melting of Arctic Glacier has brought three huge changes: one is to reduce the cost of rich resources in the Arctic region, making the resources of the Arctic have become reality; the second is that the melting of the glaciers will be produced in the Arctic Ocean to produce large pieces of fishery fishing. High quality natural fisheries; three, with the melting of glaciers, the new channel is about to appear, it is likely to become the "gold waterway" of the world shipping, and its strategic value is not an estimated.

Huge strategic and resource temptation make the Northern Surroundings began to act. Among them, Russia is the most active and even occupied the Arctic Game. It is reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Russian government to submit a plan to build a railway to the Bararel's coastal railway before May 10 this year. According to reports, Putin also puts Russia's Arctic region as strategic focus, ordered a large-scale investment in military infrastructure and mineral mining. The end of Russia's Arctic Railway Line is expected to be an intended point in Dijia in the Arctic Nirnet. Russia wants to build a year-on-year port in the next few years.

It can be said that changes in climate lead to rising lines in the future in the arctic eruption conflict. Arctic huge strategy and resource temptation will cause the surrounding countries to compete, Russia regards the Northern Channel as the core content of Russia, from 2019, requiring foreign military ships to report to the Russian government before using the northern waterway. And this is a direct conflict with the philosophy of the US Navy's "free navigation". Once the US Navy Ship enters the northern channel, the conflict between the two sides will inevitably.