The Indian army once again fired, and he shot down 2 Pakistani military aircraft!A large number of 56 charges were seized

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The Indian army once again fired, and he shot down 2 Pakistani military aircraft!A large number of 56 charges were seized

2022-01-18 12:08:26 53 ℃

Pakistani drone reconnaissance

According to India, the Indian army has successfully captured two Pakistan for transport weapons to the Kashmir region recently. The Indian military and military police said that the two Pakistani military aircraft took off from the Kashmir region-controlled Kashmir, and flew to India, transporting 56 subunit guns and grenades for Kashmir regional guerrillas. According to the Indian army, from the perspective of prisoner Pakistani drones, there have been no missiles, which are mainly firearms and ammunition, India, and Indian army seized 2 drones, 25 56 charge guns, 20 pieces Military equipment such as grenades.

Pakistan is also a unmanned country

This is not Pakistan to deliver weapons for the first time using drone to control to the Indian army. In 2019, the Indian army captured and seized 1 Pakistani drone. This time the Indian army has again obtained " Bridge, a large number of Pakistani weapons were successfully seized in India. India reports that the Indian army seized two high-value drones, as well as a large number of firearms and grenades. A Kashmir guerrilla and another two people suspected of providing landing venue for Pakistani drones. India said that since the August last year, the Punjab police have been at a high degree of alert. At that time, two drones were discovered from border airdrops. In September 2019, India continued to seize Pakistan drones and weapons, and the Indian intelligence agency found that Pakistani intelligence unit was involved in this incident.

Pakistan's Rainbow-3 drone

The Indian military said that two drones in Pakistan were seized in just four months, which indicates that Pakistan uses drones to use drones to combat Indian army and replenish Kashmir guerrillas. India, the use of Pakistani people is attracting high concern in Indian security agencies. The Indian officer Gu Po said that the two Pakistan who captured the Indian army did not drive a larger size, and the hexagon drone and the big wing exhibition fixed wing drone can fly 5-8 on any side of the border 5-8 kilometer. The Indian military said that these drones are launched from Pakistan, which obviously has conducted 4-5 airdrops weapons tasks. And the Hindu Milut Guopata said that the Indian army had already prepared it, so Indian procurement a large number of anti-drones, it is very easy to hit the Pakistan drones, then successfully capture!

Pakistan fully supports Kashmir guerrillas

India reported that Pakistan used drone cross-border smuggling drugs in the past few months, and supported the Kashmir guerrilla to combat the Indian army. India, India has arrested a suspect. This Pakistani spy is directly contacted with the Pakistani military, and Pakistan spies uses walkie-talkie to facilitate two-way communication to ensure that drones are safe to airborne weapons to India-controlled Kashmir. India thinks that Pakistan's behavior disturbed India, India will continue to retaliate Pakistan!