Also want to rely on the cold war?The United States is no longer more than the year, and I will go back to the negotiation table again and again.

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Also want to rely on the cold war?The United States is no longer more than the year, and I will go back to the negotiation table again and again.

2022-01-18 12:08:24 73 ℃

Although the United States claimed to be cold war, their actions prove that they are delusions to "uniform" Russia, but the United States has now no capital, and now I can only return to the negotiation table again and again.

On these days, the United States organized a number of negotiations, Geneva, Germany.

The signals revealed by three consecutive discussions are obvious. The United States is aggressive, and must sit down and Russia. To appease Russia with the fastest speed, avoid the eruption of war.

If the USU is unable to reach consensus on Ukrainian issues, the regional situation will be seriously affected. And the United States obviously does not want to see this situation.

In the face of China Russia, although the United States has always been provocative with arrogant attitudes, but exposes his intensity in the actual actions, it is constantly requested to talk about talks, not only for Russia, it is also true for China.

Since last year, the United States has repeatedly requested to talk to Chinese talks, and even in the deputy secretary of State, it is still refused to give up, constantly negotiating with China, trying to build a dialogue, and then have a face, at the time Looking at the joke.

However, at that time, the financial crisis and inflation almost crushed the US "giant". If the United States can't do a good dialogue with China, seeking no opportunities for cooperation, then this crisis will not be alleviated.

It seems that the United States is really anxious now, France and Germany are faint to participate in the "new cold war", and the United States has the support of NATO, but it is not a arm.

More importantly, China and Russia are not Wu Xia A Meng, and now the influence is also imperative. If you want to use the Cold War again, the United States will understand that it can only be talking on paper.

Today, the United States, domestic people's livelihood, economy, all kinds of social issues make Biden's focus, and internationally lost more and more trust. It is said that the United States is going downhill, and it is not true that they can only try to fight for their own interests at a time by negotiating table.

Last cold war, the United States successfully spread the "Soviet Union" of the world giants, it seems that the United States has become a winner, but in fact, the United States failed "although it is late". Nowadays, the White House is striking allies against China and Russia, wants the Western younger brother to let the US domestic people believe in them. But once the "Dialogue" has exposed the real situation of the United States.