"Do you happen?"!Boeing sells upgraded FA-18 fighters to Germany, can you harvest orders?

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"Do you happen?"!Boeing sells upgraded FA-18 fighters to Germany, can you harvest orders?

2022-01-18 18:08:36 27 ℃

Boeing is a famous arms company in the United States, and its scale and strength have also rushed to the world. However, Boeing has been quite inconvenient in recent years, first in the United States's main fighter competition, it is completely unable to have problems in Rockheed, civil aviation aircraft, even if it is not a new Boeing 767 Improved KC46 fueling machines have also had a big and small problem in the recent period. Boeing also wants to change their shortcomings. The current F15 and F / A18 super buffer are the main sales fighters of Boeing. Boeing sells these aircraft to the United States and other countries in a variety of ways, and has achieved certain success. Recently, Boeing began to put his eyes on the strong country, indicating that he was selling improved F / A18 Super Bumblebee in Germany and the roaring e-war plane that was improved on him, striving for more orders in Germany.

▲ f / A18 super buffer

After the end of World War, Germany has rarely develops fighters independently, or is the fighters purchased other countries, such as F4 fighters and F104 fighters from the United States, or to develop fighters in Europe, such as wind fighters, and typhoon fighters.

▲ Germany's F104 fighter, there is a rocket propeller for short distance take-off

The typhoon fighters currently equipped in Germany are relatively new, and it is also the main fighter in Germany. It is more early, and there are currently 100 in service, and Germany is also intended to phase out these fighters before 2030. It is necessary to know that the British that has also put the wind fighter as a main fighter, has retired all the wind fighters in 2019, which means that the applying can be delayed afterwards, it is still serious, need to be replaced.

The wind fighter is developed in the early 1970s, mainly for the ground attack and interception tasks, so it is not a fighter, and the F15 fighter starting with the F-word of the United States and the F16 fighter is different. The F111 fighter and F15E fight bomber are compared to the US and its status type. The Soviet Union is relatively close to the Su 24 fighter, and my country is a flying leopard fighter.

Germany's aircraft has high annual events, and the main implementation is to attack and electronic warfare tasks. For Germany, you can purchase a typhoon fighter to enhance the earth attack to replace these old wind fighters. However, strictly, the typhoon fighter is not the best choice, and the typhoon emphasizes the interception and air combustion capabilities at the beginning of development, and the attack ability is slightly informed in the gust of the wind. Therefore, Boeing has seen the German problem and start selling its own F / A-18E / F super buffer fighter. The superphedrobu fighter is not a true fighter, and the meaning is that it can be used as a fighter, and A represents it is also an attacking machine. After the F / A-18 series fighters, they quickly replaced the previous large amount of old carrier, and F14 became the most important fighter in the American aircraft carrier. In general, F14 is used for air defense tasks, while F / A-18 is used to attack tasks.

▲ F14 fighter that is launching a non-dead bird missile

After F14 is retired, the US Navy carrier has a F / A-18 family, and Boeing has also improved F / A-18. It was born with F / A-18E / F, which is super buffer. F / A-18E / f Based on the previous Bapedne, F / A-18E / F significantly increases the size and weight of the body, and converts more advanced engines and air inlet structures. The maximum takeoff weight of F / A-18E / F is close to 30 tons, and it is an extension type fighter. From another standard, F / A-18E / F can even be a light combat bomber, and the attack power has to exceed the Germany's current frenzy fighter. In terms of air operations, the advanced phases of the F / A-18E / F fighter can track and attack multiple goals simultaneously, and use advanced AM120 empty missile remote attacks, the mount is also excellent. Single from the performance of the fighter, it is not a problem with F / A-18E / F to replace the wind fighter, not to mention the roaring e-war planes derived from F / A-18E / F can be considered currently The most advanced one is in the fighter plane.

In fact, Germany has passed the probably possible to buy a river series fighter from the Boeing, indicating that Germany has a dissatisfaction with European development. Boeing said that he has already contacted many companies in Germany to support German procurement F / A-18E / F fighters. Of course, Boeing is not simply promoting these fighters to Germany, and it is also intended to expand Boeing in Germany's defense business. It is simply some benefits to Germany.

However, everything that Boeing is doing and the ability of the aircraft itself cannot determine that Germany will buy a superphedrobu fighter. First, Germany as a strong country in Europe, can be jointly developed or improved in other countries, even in Germany want to buy fighters in other countries, then there is very much, f / A-18e / f is really It is the most appropriate. If you want to buy a combiner that is more powerful to attack, the F35 with stealth capabilities is also quite good.

From a passenger aircraft, there is a problem that Boeing repeatedly tried to sell the fighter failure, which can be clearly seen that the current Boeing is indeed a few hands.As an ultra-large arms of the United States, Boeing actually did not take the advanced fighter to expand his military business and constantly improve the old fighter.However, Boeing can sell their own products in the United States to sell their own products, such as KC46 fuel gauss for the opponent.But once the Boeing products are placed on the international market and other arms companies, they will find that they do not have much advantages.So Boeing This time, the sales f / A-18e / f may be greatly advened to fail.