The root cause of the disaster!China and Russian Foreign Minister call details exposed, give a wake up to the world

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The root cause of the disaster!China and Russian Foreign Minister call details exposed, give a wake up to the world

2022-01-18 18:08:26 49 ℃

According to the "Red Star News", the details of the foreign ministers of China and Russia have been exposed. The two main talks are the next topic, which is the movement event that will be carried out in China. China and Russia decided to work together, and Russian leaders also express absolute support.

This is also a wake up to the world, and you must cut off the roots of the world, that is, the United States. In sports, the world has a unified consensus, that is, it can't be involved in politics, and the United States has taken a lot of the world, which triggered dissatisfaction in all countries in the world.

China Russia supports the Olympics

The friendship between China and Russia is deep, especially as the United States has gradually enhanced the intensity of Sino-Russia, and these two countries are getting closer. After all, the two countries have a consistent appeal, and both parties are in cooperation. Very big potential. For so many years, China and Russia have joined in hand, and in many fields have reached a deep cooperation, others have also made some other countries in the world.

In the field of sports, the two countries are also supporting each other. Whether it is China to hold an Olympic Games or a Russian party to hold an Olympic Games, the leaders of the two countries will pay for the other person, even the arrival of the other party is very happy.

This year, my country will hold a winter Olympics. This is the first time in my country, and it is still the city of the Summer Olympic Games. This is the first in the world. It is still vibrating in the world. The eyes of all countries are already focused. Beijing.

Russia as a comprehensive strategic partner of my country, inevitably, I received the country invited by my country, the country is also very refreshing, soon promptly agreed, the country's President Putin will personally attend, this will once again The in-depth of Sino-Russian friendship.

Sino-Russian Foreign Minister Call Detail Exposure

Recently, the Chinese and Russian Foreign Minister also conducted a conference call. The details of the two people were also exposed. The two sides once again talked about the topic of the Winter Olympics. Russia also expressed its support for my country. I also express the country. Thanks.

You know, this time, Putin's visit, represents China and Russia is about to open a new year's development journey, the leaders of the two countries will hold another offline meeting, which is also the first line of the first time. It can be described as significant. Both sides hope to meet successfully, and hope that the Winter Olympics is successfully completed.

Similarly, the foreign ministers of the two countries also mentioned some controversy about Beijing Winter Olympics, mainly to wake up to the outside world, and must cut off the root of the world. It is necessary to know the situation of the Winter Olympics, because of the United States, the country has to give sports to political colors and then resist such a sports event.

The US behavior was condemned by many countries, but the country did not care. All along, sports have always been a topic that has nothing to do with politics. The United States is a very wrong demonstration. For the development of the Olympics, it will have a lot of impact, which is not conducive to the reinforcement of sports. .

However, fortunately, the ancient attitude is only a few, there is no market in the international, and the country can only sing a unachabore. What's more, the country does not really resist the implementation, and finally do a little actions, ready to be in other names, send some officials to China. The country's careful thought has been gueled, becoming a joke in the world, which also confirmed a sentence: the face is sinful.