Congratulations Russia!The latest picture -160m first flying success, China's bombing -20 will have a similar design?

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Congratulations Russia!The latest picture -160m first flying success, China's bombing -20 will have a similar design?

2022-01-18 18:08:20 33 ℃

"Military martial art" Author: I am Dafan

Just "hatching", I haven't brushed the "Huang Swan"

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Russian National Technology Group News, January 12th, the first chart of Russia's first projection is the first flight in the Russian Airlines Made in Camenan "Golbrinov" airport. The first flight lasts for 30 minutes, the maximum flight height is about 600 meters, and the test flight has achieved a complete success, representing the key step in the project of Russia in the proorceration of the Ducha-160.

Retribution map -160 foundation

For the Russian chart-160M ​​(previously called -160m2) strategic bomber, we have conducted several times:

First map -160m2 assembly picture

From the production equipment of the Kazan Pressure Decoration Factory, the Kazan Facture is prepared for the duplication of the Du-160 from 2014. It is the equipment of the Russian Air Technology and the establishment of the original manufacturing map -160. Large-scale repairs. Such as large titanium alloy electron beam welding devices, увн-45 titanium alloy forglant equipment, etc. All repaired, debugging;

Newly manufactured NK-32-02 engine will no longer take "yellow smoke" like old paragraphs

From the important divisional development and production perspective of Figure -160, the most important NK-32 large thrust force trunking turbine fan engine is handed over to the Kuznetso Group. The group has passed the "industrial archaeological", according to some technical documents left in the Soviet era, restore the production process process of the type of engine, and the technical state improvement is performed to a certain extent on the basis of process documents. Increase the engine electric control module, redesigned the combustion chamber, etc., the relevant proof work is also basically completed around 2019.

In addition, the Kazan "Golbronov" plant has also reached 2 pictures - 160m:

The first one is offline from November 16, 2017. The machine is used is the remaining body of the Soviet Union.

After modification, Figure -160m (on), compared to the old model -160 (below) tail

The second plane is a Dial-160-type strategic bomber "Igiercosski" from the Russian Air Heaven. After the machine entered the Golbrinf factory, he completed a series of modifications, especially for the first NK-32-02-type engine manufactured by Kuznezov factory, and then completed the body test flight in February 2020. In November 2020, he completed the trial flight. In March 202, the Rukovsky Air Force College (Davan as a new aircraft).

Assembled picture -160m2 worker

After the "practicing" of the above two aircraft, the Golbronov factory in Kazan is "all the best", and immediately started the procedure of Figure -160m.

Retribution success on Russia's meaning

The first batch of 2 aircraft in the process of resurgence, probably in the September, the Russian Defense Minister, Shahi Gu, who was in September, was also dedicated. Now the first "full version" producer finally offline successfully, for Russia The tunnel is undoubtedly a good news.

Joy smile

After all, from the Russian Air Team Strategy, the current situation of the remote aviation soldiers, whether it is from the strategic angle or from the angle of equipment, it is extremely lack of this strategic bomber:

From the perspective of the Air Force Strategy, the Russian Air Senior Army's remote aviation soldiers are actually responsible for strategic nuclear deterrence, tactical nuclear strikes and cross-regions, and even across disciplines. Under this strategic task, it means that the Russian Air Heaven is a heavy bomber for heavy bombs, which can implement a heavy bomber with a remote strategic nuclear attack, and equipment requirements are extremely urgent.

From the Russian air-day military, the airbraft of the strategic bomber, the airbraft of the air, there is no heavy bomber: Don't see the air, the remote aviation soldier, also maintained the map-22M3 / m3m, Figure -95ms / msm And the "three driving carriage" pattern of Figure -160.

However, Figure -22M3 is a battle bomber, which cannot be remote, intercontinental attack tasks, and in the Soviet era, the machine mainly shoulder the task of the battle-class air supply seaside or depth (for example, the machine is still testing X-32 "Storm" last year. Anti-ship missiles is generally not included in the scope of the strategic nuclear blow. Russian air troops remote airborne truly backbone strength, in fact, the more than 40 maps - 95ms / msm (near-guard 184, 79 regiments, 182 groups, 43 centers, etc.), there is only ten Several Figure-160 bomber.

Therefore, the Russian air troops remote aviation soldiers, the main battle of the main battle can also use more than 50. And in more than 50 aircraft, more than forty frames use scrubbroad motivation, and there is no. Also because the body design is unable to use a rotary hanging rack-95MS bomber, it is really considered a remote heavy bomber, in fact, only Figure -160. Of course, the Russian air tunnel is also developing the next generation of remote aviation cracking system. The product is the legendary PAK-DA, but this model's strategic bomber develops unusual slowness, and the Russian army thinks that the first flight of the machine may not As early as 2024, the real equipment forces formed a combat power to wait until 2030. Pak-da concept diagram

Because of this, the empty heavens will be so attached to the duplication of the -160 strategic bomber. After all, the Air Force strategy requires quite urgent. On the other hand, the Air Force has not strong enough, and then the new equipment is not coming within ten years. The three factors are integrated to determine the transition of the dupid -160 strategic bomber, and the ability to effectively restore the Russian air industry by dupiding Figure -160 is the best option.

Will China refer to Figure -160?

After telling the story of the Russian duplication, the story -160 strategic bomber, it is estimated that many readers have to habitually propose: our future new generation strategic bombers, may use the "degradable plunder, supersonic" design in Figure -160 Contest, or use big flying wings similar to B-21 or PAK-DA (imaginary diagram), no vertical, full-band low-probingable performance design?

Figure -160 is the compromise of "emergency"

Da Ivan believes that don't look at Russia's current chart -160m strategic bomber is very happy, but just as before, Russia's no production map -160m action, essentially in the equipment, Air Force Strategy "Separation" does not think that Figure -160m is really suitable for future strategic air force requirements. On the contrary, from Russia, including the American Air Force experience, it has been consistently believed that Figure -160 includes a similar B-1 strategic bomber, which is already backward design.

After all, from the design configuration, whether it is the high-altitude supersonic surgery in the picture -160, b-1A strategic bomber, or the B-1B strategic bomber adheres to the low-altitude supersonic surgery, all pay for supersonic performance A considerable cost and performance cost.

First, it has to be used in heavy and less reliable, after the flip structure, such as the use of titanium alloys, the use of titanium alloys, the B-1A uses the advanced electronically controlled module to control the gylant Post-hair angle;

Second, the cost of the body strength is too large, as shown in Figure -160 uses titanium alloy milling to cut the overall wall panel, titanium alloy wing box, etc., the body's manufacturing cost is high to be astounder, just to bear supersonic speed Great dynamic pressure during flight;

Figure -160 four NK-32 aerospace engines

The third is to develop high-performance agility thrust turntile engines, such as the NK-32-01 engine of Russiasov. The engine weight reached an amazing 3.4 ton, and the maximum stiff force has reached 226 kW, one of the largest thrust, and one of the turbine engines with the aggressible combustion chamber. And the type engine is optimized for supersonic performance, which is really not a vote to compare the thrust engine to compare it.

Optimized for supersonic performance, even performance specialization, actually the supersonic performance of the -160 strategic bomber, and there is a quite strict limit:

When the old NK-32 engine is used, the famous "yellow smoke" is pulled out due to the nitrogen oxide exceeds the standard.

In the case where the supersonic flight is implemented in the whole process, the combat radius of the Type -160 strategic bomber will shrink, from the original 7,000 kilometers to about 2,000 kilometers, that is, with a "association" The flight distance of the supersonic passenger plane is almost;

Not to mention the Cold War, the Soviets intend to let the picture -160 single ride, leaning on the ultrasonic performance in the US military's North American air defense intercept line "tear" to open a mouthful of war, and later prove that it is not very feasible . In the case of the US military equipped with F-15C and F-22A, this simple supersonic assault performance is even more actual combat.

Therefore, although FIG. Combating the target lost the cruise missile, and then the sound is back, if you encounter interception, use the supersonic trial to open your opponent. However, such an anti-regional attack, from the normal execution, it is possible to meet the air defense interception of the opponent, and the possibility is less.

Flying wings + invasive trends

Through the above analysis, we should be able to see, for this model, for a model, for an outdated supersonic overall performance, the cost of paying is too large, the income reached after the price is not high, cost-effective Lower; and the reason why Russian Air Heaven is still hugged -160, essentially just takes it as a transitional equipment, the future "When Flower Dan" is currently "waiting for words" PAK- DA type. Pak-da concept diagram

Therefore, Davan believes that the design of this "class fighter" in this "long body, supersonic, and then plundering", the big probability will not appear on our new generation of strategic bombers. We don't have any necessary, to imitate the model that is already eliminated by Russia. In the future, the new generation of strategic bombers in the Chinese Air Force should be "the same", including Russia's Pak-Da, including Russia, and easy to make full range, and loads. A large flying wing configuration that is not a poor carrying capacity.

Figure -160 This "power type" player during the cold war period, although it is still in production, but it can be said that it is already "returning to the light", which will gradually be gradually farther than us in the future. As for B-21, PAK-DA and our new generation of remote bomber, this ... is a matter of seeing the benevolence.