After a US soldier is killed, how many pensions can their families get?

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After a US soldier is killed, how many pensions can their families get?

2022-01-19 00:08:39 42 ℃

As the world's largest economy, the salary of the United States to give their own soldiers is very high. According to the data given by the US official, the US military's most basic series of soldiers exceeds $ 1700, even if the price of the United States is several times China, the purchase of money is also 1.5 to 3 times the Chinese collection. How many pensions have been taken after the soldiers who have a US soldier after the soldiers?

US military death pension

The US soldiers were killed, and the pensions that the family could take the pension, up to more than $ 500,000. These money are divided into multiple parts such as insurance, US government compensation. The first compensation is $ 8,000. This money is the money funeral of the soldiers, which is generally made by the special officer to make a family of the soldiers together with the death notice.

The second money is the compensation of the US government, the amount is $ 100,000, and it will arrive within 72 hours after the soldiers have killed. The third money is insurance, the US military pays $ 28 monthly, and the death is $ 400,000. In the United States, all things can be insured, frequently occurring in the US shooting, and even less than 10 years old young children shoot to shoot others now, Americans are also discussing whether the relevant areas can open insurance services. Therefore, the US government bought insurance to the US soldiers, it is quite normal.

Prior to 2015, the amount of insurance companies compensated for the death soldiers was $ 250,000, but this money was raised to $ 400,000 as the US dollar inflation. Of course, this money is a unified standard of the US government. If this soldier feels too small, you can buy an additional insurance, and you will die more.

Additional compensation and welfare

If this US military is killed, it is an executive task in the dangerous command of the US military, then he has to pay an additional money after the death, and the number is $ 150,000. Finally, the spouse of the Dairyan army can also receive nearly one thousand dollars of compensation. His children can receive $ 250 of $ 250 per month, and they have been married to the death of the US military, and his children's adults. And if his children have admitted to universities, there are special scholarships issued by the US government.

In addition to money, the family members of the Dairyan Army have various benefits. Including a year of housing subsidies, three-year free medical treatment. In addition, the family of the United States can also get a two-day ID card, with this card, its family can enjoy the discount in a variety of cooperation with the United States.

US Military Post

Although the pensions of the US military, it is difficult to get the hand, because the US military is quite demanding for the standard of death. First, we must determine the identity of the US military. For example, in the Korean war, a US army was killed, the face of the fried, and the face of the fried, he had a great possibility that he had a very large possibility that he had a big possibility that it was disappeared instead of death. . However, with the development of technology, this problem is getting less and less.

Second, the death must be dead on the battlefield. I was seriously injured on the battlefield to be carried out after the injury, and even the US military had a sigh of relief when he was lifted. He would not be judged. These harsh conditions are one of the main reasons why the US military's mortal mortality is.