The US specialist head secretly visits Ukraine, scared by the scenes, and asked Canada to send troops

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The US specialist head secretly visits Ukraine, scared by the scenes, and asked Canada to send troops

2022-01-19 00:08:03 59 ℃

According to the US CNN, the Secretary for the Secretary for the CEO of the Secretary of the Secretary of the Central Bureau has recently proceeded to the secret visit in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and the leadership of the country's President Zelinsky, and the leadership of the Ukrainian intelligence department to discuss current tensions. . CNN invoked the White House sources, saying that the United States is now assessing regional risks, but no matter how the American agent head appeases Ukraine leadership, an embarrassing fact is in front of the United States, that is, Russia The red line has been clearly stated that if Ukraine has become a member of the NATO, it means that the red line is crossed, although Russia has repeatedly denied the United States, NATO's non-compassion on its "invading Ukraine".

However, the Kremlin also emphasized that it will take the necessary actions when appropriate, and the Russian press spokesperson Peskov is a public release. If the United States dares to launch the so-called "nuclear bomb" sanctions in Russia, it does not rule out the Russian will be broken with the United States. . In fact, even if the United States has repeatedly stressed that Russia invaded Ukraine, and repeatedly took the so-called countermeasures to intimidate Russia, Russia deployed the army deployed in the border. Especially the United States, NATO, and the OSCE have launched three rounds of negotiations with Russia, and they have not allowed Russia to make a concession. Because the United States is really sincere to help Ukraine, why didn't you send a combat tun to Ukraine? Burns travel to Kiev with Zelinski is not empty.

With the Canadian media, the country's special forces will enter Ukraine, and there will be 200 special forces to go to Eastern Europe. However, Canada's assistance will also be here, because this special forces will not participate in combat, just to train local military police, and to help Canada's diplomats will evacuate as soon as they have been trained. It can be seen that whether it is the United States or NATO, from the beginning to the end, I didn't consider the real helper Ukraine against the so-called external invasion. Ukraine use only acts as a dagger in Russian throat, but the two sides of the port may Peaceful returns, but as the dagger, it is probably only the hammer of the war.

It is worth noting that although the underground situation in Ukraine is still warming, it does not rule out the United States will vain a shot. In the Taiwan Sea or the South China Sea, it is adjacent to the Winter Olympics, but compared to the turmoil in Eastern Europe. The United States also wants to mess with this Winter Olympics. I can destroy the atmosphere of this Winter Olympics. I can meet the disturbance of the country's great hard-hardship, but the United States is like now in such a big country, I don't know the United States. Whether it is fully prepared, after all, whether it is Dongwu or a Taihai Sea, for the Sino-Russian, there is no restless red line.