Russia gave the United States in the world!Bulin is a laughter, and suddenly the dumb

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Russia gave the United States in the world!Bulin is a laughter, and suddenly the dumb

2022-01-19 00:07:41 34 ℃

Some time ago, there was a large-scale riots in Kazakhstan in Central Asia. After realizing that this is not ordinary peaceful protest, the Harbin government quickly dispatched the power of the police. In order to be able to stop riots in a short time, the Harvest Government also seeks help to Russia-led Ji'an Organization. Subsequently, the peacetry force of multiple member states has reached the Harbin, and the relevant departments of the Harbin will carry out suppression activities.

Harbinative situation tends to be smooth

On January 13th, after the implementation of the task, the peacekeeping force officially began to evacuate Harbin, and all peacekeepers are expected to completely leave Kazakhstan within 10 days.

After the support of peacekeeping force, this riot continued for a few days without dying. According to Harbin President Tosayev, the peacekeeping troops have completed the task on the same day on the 11th. In other words, the peacekeeping force takes only about 6 days from the end to the end, and the riots are calm, the whole process is revolution, and once again demonstrates the action of the intensive organization.

After completing the task, the peacekeeping force will return the control venue to the Harvest, and the relevant handover work is smooth. In order to express our gratitude to the peacekeeping force, the Harvest Government held a fever ceremony in the first day of the peacekeeping force.

Previously, US Condary Bulin once repeatedly claimed that he sent a peacekeeping force to Ji'an to felt extreme "worry", and even built words, the Russian troops may "Lai Will" after completing the task. . However, this time his concerns are obvious, Russia is directly in the United States in the world.

The United States is directly faced

In fact, Ji'an Organization has a certain similarity to NATO, but from Ji'an Organization Help Harbin's fixed inner chaos, Ji'an Organization has strong discipline.

Previously, the NATO army has also been stationed in other countries, but the NATO military is chaotic, and the peacekeeping force sent by the Ji'an Organization does not drag the water, and I don't say that I will help the Harbin government. After completing the task, the peacekeeping force did not force in Harbin, but according to the arrangement of the Harbin, quickly left Harbin, which directly broke the lie to Bulin, so that Bincin was completely a global laughter. In the face of this scene, Brinken is also speechless.

Some media pointed out that the US is so worried that Ji'an organizes Kazakhstan because many of the energy companies in Harfire are controlled by the United States, and the United States is worried that Russia can take this opportunity to take this opportunity.

In addition, the United States wanted to see it naturally the Harfire riolent continued, and did not think that Ji'an organizations can play a lot of roles, but the facts have directly played the American face. However, even if the United States is in a hurry, the United States cannot take any action.

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