What is changed?British citizens kidnap the Americans, FBI directly kills kids, Biden night expressions

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What is changed?British citizens kidnap the Americans, FBI directly kills kids, Biden night expressions

2022-01-19 00:07:41 32 ℃

One wave is not flat, one wave will come again!

For international situations full of variables, the only thing that can be determined is "uncertainty", which seems to be in the situation of calm, and it is impossible to hide the inconsistency.

On January 17, the United States has happened to "alarmed" the kidnapping case of the White House, and the kidnappers are actually British citizens.

On the 17th, the US Federal Investigation Bureau confirmed that yesterday afternoon, a 44-year-old British man Akram, near the Texas, a neighborhood, and suddenly hijacked a US citizen as a hostage, and claiming that he tied a bomb.

After learning the news, FBI immediately blocked the incident and evacuated all the nearby residents.

Almost at the same time, the White House also urgently voiced, said the President has heard relevant briefings and will continue to pay attention to the development of the situation, and order the Guoan Department officials and the FBI leadership immediately intervene.

During this time, the kidnapati Akram had a confrontation of the police for nearly 12 hours. During the period, 1 hostage was released. But in the end, FBI still launched a raid, killed acran, saved the remaining three hostages.

Waiting until all the dust is settled, it is already 11 o'clock in the United States. After learning the news, I gave a statement over the night. I express my "gratitude" on the event, thank you for your law enforcement personnel, and clearly expressed strong strikes. " Radicalism, never let it rise in the United States.

In fact, for the United States in recent years, don't say that it is a kidnapping case, it is a malignant shooting incident that has killed dozens of people.

Then, the FBI, the US, the White House, and the President Party At the same time, what is unusual?

Among there, at least 5 details are worthy of attention.

1. The identity of the kidnapper is not general.

Looking big, the kidnapato Aklaam is a British citizen, in the US, naturally involves diplomatic issues and the United States.

Take a little, Akram claims to be the "brother" of the Pakistani Neurologist Affilla Sidi, is equal to the possibility of being involved in Pakistan.

Therefore, after the FBI killed acran, after successfully rescued the hostage, a person in charge of the FBI directly said that although the suspect is initially determined, "temporarily unable to announce".

Until the second day, FBI officially announced the information about Aclamism. During this period, it is estimated that the FBI and Guoan departments should overcome the factors that cannot be announced.

2, the appeal of the kidnapper is very simple.

In the process of confrontation with the FBI, Accrahamn demanded the United States to release Sidiki, which is the Pakistani neurologist in his mouth "brother relationship".

It is reported that this Sidiki is not simple.

She is a woman who has been contacted by the Western recognition and "Base Organization", and was arrested in 2010 "Attempt to murder and attacked US citizens in Afghanistan, officials and employees" were arrested, followed by the United States. In 86 years of imprisonment.

At present, Sidi is held in a prison in Wosburgh, USA. And this is also one of the reasons why Accram's implementation of the kidnapping case in Dezhou. Also, acralum implemented the land of the kidnapp, and the prison distance between Sidigi is very close.

In addition, About Siki was sentenced to 86 years since the United States, Pakistan has a very different view of the West.

The Pakistani has always believed that Sidiki is the victim of "political prisoners" and the so-called "Counter-Terror War" in the United States, and I asked the United States to release Sidiki, and hold a number of protests to release Sidi.

Recently, in October last year, a group of protesters gathered in front of Pakistan, requiring the US government to release Sidiki, and said she may be affected in prison.

In addition, the Best Senate has also passed a resolution in 2018, and the Sidiki called "the country's daughter", and the Pakistani Premier Yemland also expressed support to release Sidiki, and have worked with the United States. Former President Trump discussed this issue.

Obviously, from the premier of the Pakistani to the Palestinian people, Sidigi is related to the so-called "base organization". In this matter, it is indeed I can't listen to the words of the West.

Don't forget, when the United States fake borrowed "anti-terrorism", forcibly starting Afghan war, this is not just just. This can be seen from the US "Wolf Escape" in Afghanistan last year.

Therefore, Akram asked the US government to release Sidiki, and the "rescue relatives" on the far surface may also involve many "crimes" committed by the United States in the Afghan war.

Otherwise, how can the United States repeat Sidigi? In 86, imprisonment, it is equivalent to a lifetime.

3, FBI killed Aklaam's actions, too "sudden".

In the confrontation of nearly 7 hours, Accraha has released a hostage, which indicates that the negotiation is effective and is going on. But then, FBI directly broke into, killed acran, obviously in line with the development trend of developments.

Among this, the White House is far-reaching, and the possibility of "killing the mouth" directly

After all, according to the US government, the US military evacuated from Afghanistan is already a "decent end". If it is revealed that some bad crimes, the US military is likely to become a traffic.

4, Akram travels to the United States to "rescue" Sidiki, is a long-awaited action.

It is reported that Akram is 2 weeks ago, from New York Kennedi International Airport, the latter is coming to the State, only to implement the hijacking incident. Obviously, Aklam is still moving to the United States after planning to hijack. Otherwise, in just 2 weeks, it is not enough at all.

5, Akram was killed, the hijacking incident reported a backwardness, the inaction of the White House was very meaningful.

On the one hand, Biden's statement in the night, delighted the existence of Sidiki in the hijacking incident, only emphasized the "radicalism", completely, it is deliberately avoided, and Gu Zhu.

On the other hand, FBI is also shown in subsequent responses that is currently assessing the mental health status of Aklaam, and investigated whether he is associated with "radical organization".

Have to say, Akraam was killed, and can I evaluate the mental health status before? Even if there is some sake of the spider, what results do you have to assess?

In general, the United States does not want to talk about the Sidiki issue behind the hijacking incident, but in turn, I have to think about things to "radical organization", intend to make things small.

Perhaps, this is also one of the performance of the US government "heart-defense".

Finally, and talk about 3 points.

First, the eyes of the international community are snow, and any "desire of" "to cover" is difficult to cover the US military in the past decades, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other crimes committed by the rest of the world.

In short, the sky is restored and not leaking, and it will be self-defeating. The United States sooner or later will pay for their own Huzu.

Second, this British will be careful.

After all, Akram is a British citizen. Nowadays in the United States, the White House naturally discusses Johnson. Even, after the "desire to cover", it is likely to directly put the British government.

In this regard, Johnson is really alert.

Third, the US air is really unswereed, whether it is the new crown of the United States, or a repeatedly banned gun violent case, or now the kidnapping case of "alarmed the White House" is predicted - the United States is no longer Security