The first flying four years, why did the Chinese still sitting on C919?German media: Do not see it is a bad thing

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The first flying four years, why did the Chinese still sitting on C919?German media: Do not see it is a bad thing

2022-01-19 00:08:15 28 ℃

China's aviation cause is relatively late, so compared to some Western countries, it is indeed slightly, but through the development of the military industry, the new generation of the new generation of fighters headed by the military industry, marking the development of my country's aviation cause . And my country's civil aviation has benefited from the rapid development of military aviation, so many people in the outside world have always hoped that my country can produce a new generation of civil aviation passengers belonging to their own.

Therefore, the C919 project has been established. Since the establishment of the C919 project, China's civil aviation companies have expressed their quite expectations for this C919, so that when the C919 has not yet put into the market, only 800 orders have been received. And for the upcoming C919 expressed expectation, not only China, some civil air companies in foreign countries also stated that if the C919 successful listing delivery market, performance if there is no problem, then consider cooperation with China.

The direction of progress is always full of twists

However, when the outside world is satisfied with the arrival of C919, the research and development of C919 has been stagnant because of some external reasons, and has failed to fly according to the progress. Therefore, C919 did not get the flight license issued by China Civil Aviation, so that it was contrast by its brother project CR-929.

As a Sino-Russian joint venture, CR-929 has not been delayed from the initial project, and the CR-929 has completed in advance, and the CR-929 has completed the latest version. Wing wind tunnel experiment. Therefore, many people in the outside world analyze the current situation, and it is believed that the CR-929, which will be developed from Sino-Russia, will exceed C919 in the future. Compared with the progress of CR-929, what is the progress of C919?

On the other side of the C919, according to the information, the 3273 test points set in C919 so far, only 1694 of them were completed, and the subject of 276 test flights only completed 34, even general Failed. Therefore, it seems that there seems to be some far from the trial operation of Shangfei.

The outside world thinks that C919 is delayed is a good thing.

With the delay of the C919 project, there are many people who have a good thing. For example, in the weekly magazine "mirror", the delay of this C919 has a huge relationship with the global epidemic, after all because of the epidemic The global supply chain has been influenced, and this is also the main reason for the C919 extension.

In addition, due to the reasons of the United States, some parts of the C919 have been blocked by relevant departments, but this also indirectly accelerates the road of China's civil aviation technology breakthrough, so this is not a good thing for China.

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