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News 8 points, see the hostess, the hostess, the hill

2022-01-19 00:08:30 43 ℃

See 8 points, see more than one point. Every morning, 8 o'clock will meet you on time and look at the world.

In recent years, many wild boars in the country have been flooding. In Jiangxi Province, Yanyuan County, the wild boar destroyed the field, leading to a large number of farmland.

In 2018, Yuanyuan County's only legitimate gun-in-law hunting is officially listed. There are 12 official players and 10 shotguns in the hunting society. President Wang Zhenfei said that before playing the wild boar can be sold, it can maintain the balance of the hunting team. After the "banned wild order" is introduced, the wild boar that can only be converted into hound. Wang Zhenfei sold his own two cars and purchased a shotgun and 20,000 bullets for hunting agencies. Read more >>>

The hunting society is introduced, generally by the villagers to confirm the area where the wild pig is located, and the road will be confused by the wild boar foot. The smell is sensitive to the road. Attacker hound is finally arrested, however, the most powerful hound is most likely to be injured or even died. Frequently with hunting dogs in the surrounding of the wild boar. Read more >>>

The Hunting Society has now consumed 1969 bombs, and 200 heads in the wild pig. The relevant person in charge of the local forestry department said that due to the number of wild boars, it is difficult to estimate how many wild boars that need to hunt, but protecting the people's production and life is still the most important. Read more >>>

Tonga volcano eruption continued to pay attention. In China outside the soup, some people are anxiously waiting for the good news.

As of the early morning of January 18, the 19-year-old Fujian boy Chen Dong did not have an eye close to 30 hours. He continually tried to call your brother's phone number, and brushed the latest news about Tonga in the mobile phone. Chen Dong's brother opened a restaurant with a partner in Tonga.

There is also Lin Youxiong in the same focal shame. Lin Yi Xiong lived in Soviet, the Fiji capital, Souva, which was about 650 kilometers from Tonga. He has dials more than 300 yuan and contacts friends in Tonga. At 3 o'clock in the morning of January 17, he dialed the phone phone, but lost again after 5 seconds.

On January 17, according to the latest news in Tonga Embassy, ​​there were more than 1,000 overseas Chinese in Tonga, and there were six Chinese companies. At present, Tonga is there has no Chinese citizens to die, and there are individual Chinese citizens being slightly injured.

According to the latest news on January 18, Tonga is the double impact of volcanic ash and tsunami, the loss is heavy. Tonga domestic communications has gradually recovered, but international communications need to recover for a week.

Lin Yi Xiong will describe the past 48 hours as "panic". "The loss may just be temporary, believe that the communications in Tonga and its surroundings will be relatively fast." Lin Yi Xiong said that when the signal signal is recovered, I am willing to help the compatriots of domestic relatives to report peace. Read more >>>

Recently, Shenzhen and Beijing have found the local epidemic situation in the new crown, and the origin is discovered in the main cases. How big is the risk of "express delivery"?

Express passers-by, essentially the physical pass, and has also been called "environmental passing". In 2020, Beijing's new land, Shandong Qingdao and other places have considered that viruses are attached to cold-chain goods, causing infections after people.

Zhang Zhuo, the chief expert of China Disease Control Disinfection, said that the express delivery of new crown viruses should meet several conditions: First, in the process of collecting express delivery, the new crown virus is contaminated; second, the new crown virus above the express item is also Survival; third, when receiving express, it is contaminated with new crown viruses.

From the perspective of international epidemics, Okocra has become a global superior epidemic plant, which is spread in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. In this regard, He Qinghua, a first-class inspector of the National Health and Control Authority, said that with the more and more people in the world, the risks of the country and the import of my country have also gradually increased. big.

The reporter noted that there is currently no official call to stop shopping, but there is a call for "Haitao". On January 17th, Pang Xing, deputy director of the Beijing CDC, said that during the high incidence of foreign epidemics, the public should minimize the purchase of overseas commodities. The National Provident Authority is also mentioned in the notice to reduce the mail order, express items from overseas epidemic high-risk countries and regions. Read more >>>

In the end, O'K 肆 肆, "epidemics from progress" is one of the focus of external prevention input. In this regard, all parties such as express logistics enterprises, individuals and related regulators should be presed, minimize the risk of viral dissemination, and do not give the overseas virus through express network "take advantage to enter". Read more >>>

Beijing, facing the double challenge of O'K戎 and Delta.

From January 17th to January 18th, 2 cases were added 2 cases of pneumonia and 1 nucleic acid detection positive.

The diagnosis case 1 The Basa West Park, the South Road, Haidian District, Haidian District, is a mother who reports a diagnosed case in January 15; diagnosis case 2 is a period of Yongfeng Road, Ma Lian, Haidian District, Haidian District, is 1 On the 15th of the 15th, the confirmed case is the same floor colleague.

The nucleic acid detection of the positive of the Yangzhuang Village, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District, in November 2021 to Beijing. On January 18th, the feedback nucleic acid test results were abnormal. The disease control department contacted the person immediately after the first screening positive report, and promptly implemented administrative control on G1085 trains from Weihai. At 14:00, the results of the city's disease control center laboratory review were positive, and the specific mutation site of Delta variant strains was detected. So, is there any adjustment to the Beijing policy?

Beijing Municipal Government spokesperson Xu He Jian said that nucleic acid detection is performed within 72 hours after returning to Beijing, and it is not possible to detect on time, and the pop-up window may affect travel and life. Within 72 hours after Beijing, it is not necessary to conduct nucleic acid detection, but the nucleic acid negative proves within 48 hours before returning to Beijing. In the return of Beijing, he completes nucleic acid detection within 72 hours after arriving in Beijing.

The commuter personnel in the Central Beijing area shall be implemented in accordance with the existing provisions. The first time I need to pay for 48 hours of nucleic acid negative, after which it will be returned to the Beijing-based nucleic acid negative certificate. Given the current epidemic situation, the commuter personnel in Tianjin, each time you return to Beijing, the nucleic acid negative lack of nucleic acid is proved, and will be adjusted in time after the epidemic is stable. For infants aged 3 years and less, nucleic acid detection is not needed for 72 hours after Beijing. Read more >>>

Always referred to as the "Wan Guo Guard", now we must be self-reliant.

According to the India's "Republic" website, the Indian Ministry of Defense held a meeting to cancel the import contracts including imported short-range air missiles and 14 helicopters. In addition, the transactions of India from Russian procurement card-226 helicopters, card-31 helicopters and "Kulble" anti-ship missiles are also likely to be canceled.

According to the report, the Indian Ministry of Defense will discuss whether the cancellation of whether the transaction is conducive to Indian local manufacturers or R & D companies. Import contracts currently included in the list include short-range air defense systems, drag and drop the artillery, vertically launched air missiles, carrier drones, P-8i reconnaissance machines and MiG-29 fighters.

Can India really get rid of the dependence on the "foreign guns"?

After the Moti government came to the stage, "Indian manufacturing" as an important strategy, and the self-reliance of the military industry also puts the schedule. From now on, India's first domestic aircraft carrier Victor-stricken light helicopter, plateau weapon and other equipment are the priority direction of Indian weapons. The problem is whether the Indian army industry should take a good dream of Moti's weapons, or now a big question mark.

Indian weapons have the largest real disorder of domestic production, and it is not systematic in the Indian army industry. At present, in the Indian army, the larger than 30% of domestic weapons and equipment is only 30%, and the performance is difficult to make people feel relieved.

The Indian military has been going to buy weapons around the world for many years. In fact, it is a series of serious problems. On the one hand, the Indian army cannot form organic overall and reliable supply relationship with the local army industry. Today, the Indian army has a maximum gun ammunition that has consumed itself; on the other hand, the global purchase of weapons also restricts the development of India's industry.

Another factor in restricting Industrial development of Indian army is an ubiquitous corruption. Moreover, Indian arms trading also has "eat buckle" practices. It is estimated that the proportion of rebates to transfers even has increased from around 3% to around 10%.

India revised the "global buying weapons", intention is to discus for the native industry. However, in the context of the military industry, it is difficult to play a big role in the context of corruption. Read more >>>