If the United States falls, who will be the next super big country?Zhang Zhaozhong predicts or come true

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If the United States falls, who will be the next super big country?Zhang Zhaozhong predicts or come true

2022-01-19 00:07:54 27 ℃

After the United States, the United States became the world's super big country, many times with this title, there was an unpleasant dispute with many countries. However, with the rapid rise of other countries, the United States's dominant status has also been threatened, and many countries began to sing the United States. Even if there are many authoritative magazines in the United States, the US strength is in the state of the river day. If the United States really fades, then who will become the next super big country? Zhang Zhaozhong's prediction may come true.

Margin margin

In fact, the world has begun to sing out of the United States, and many people analyzes that the United States wants to expand their power through the war, realizing the global fantasy, but from the Afghan war, you can see that the US fantasy is destroyed. As we all know, the strategic status of Afghanistan is especially important. The Soviet Union has also raised the army to wave Afghanistan, but the results are not satisfactory. The United States thought that he can be able to find an excuse to join the Afghanistan. The war has been played for 20 years but has no harvest, and the huge military expenditure has also let the United States caught in the financial crisis.

The "failure" in Afghanistan is undoubtedly transmitted the signs of military strength weakening in the outside world. The allies have begun to suspect if the US can lead them to create more glories. The appearance of the appearance of the NATO relationship, there have been signs of collapse, and the American allies are no longer honest to do things according to their instructions.

The traces of the US economic recession are also very obvious. Inflation rates are more innovative, causing many countries to be worried that they will be involved in the US economic crisis, and have begun to reduce the US debt. These signs seem to fully prove that the US international appeal is gradually weakening.

Russia's advantage

If the United States does not solve these problems well, the decline may continue to draw, if the United States really fell, there will be a new super empire station to replace the United States. Zhang Zhaozhong said that Russia may become the next super big country in the United States. This is not just talking about it, Russia has become a superpower to occupy many advantages. The Russian region is broad, indicating that it has rich resources to provide adequate supplies to its development. In addition, Russia also has a thick industrial basis, and the weapons and equipment manufactured are superb.

Throughout the world, Russia's military strength is fully able to resist the US military deterrent. Russia is still a country that is unbearable, and it will be strongly countered by military deterrence. If Russia did not suppress the real strength of the United States, the United States will not exhaust the co-interception of the combined ally. Although the Russian economy is in the cold winter, just get rid of the circumference of the NATO, it will be able to become the next super big country.

Undoubtedly, once the declines in the United States, the world's military will usher in a big shuffle, new super big country and a number of strong members to form a new world order. However, on the current development status of the United States, although there are signs of decline, it does not rule out its rejuvenation, how to wait and see.